6 Responses to “The Persecution of David Noakes and Lyn Thyer.”

  1. ian says:

    This case should expose to everyone, the corruption and financial profiteering within the big pharmaceutical industry, and higher echelons of British society, at the expense of we the people. These soulless vacuums of people, are the ones that the rulers would have us trust with their seemingly toxic injections.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    The most mysterious part of this whole scandal is how right up until now, they’ve kept the truth about this Mega-HOAX well hidden from the gullible, hoodwinked and enslaved public with relentless fear propaganda, including libellous, besmirching smear campaigns against those who try to point them to the elephant in the room – rampant censorship of the truth.
    I and many others thought the unprecedented level of relentless propaganda would at least have aroused their suspicions by now, but apparently not: it just seems to make them more compliant and willing to be told what they can and cannot do in this abominable, despotic NWO, which they seem to be more than comfortable existing in.
    However, keeping an open mind: I also think it’s possible that a lot more people are awake than what the lying media (including alt-media), would have us believe. Although, based upon my own observations of the current Zombie Apocalypse, that seems unlikely. ?

  3. Aldous says:

    @ Alan Vaughn and Ian 1/31:
    Anyone who willingly gets vaccinated(sic) – it’s not a vaccination but an ‘operating system’ – almost deserves their fate.
    I’ve had no end of people, family and friends saying they’re getting over Covid like it was some Badge of Honor.
    When I pointed out that there is no virus out there and flu, pneumonia, common cold have disappeared to be replaced by Covid, they tend to get quite argumentative and state that they will be first in line for the vaccine.
    Good luck and good riddance?

  4. Alan Vaughn says:

    “Good luck and good riddance?”
    Yes to be honest it is good riddance, because maybe after they finally notice a correlation between numerous deaths or debilitating side-effects, people experience soon after taking the ‘vaccine’ (sic), which with this current army of brain dead drones, might be months even years, enough of them might start to think for a change instead of blindly obeying.
    Just how many must die before they finally wake up, would be a good yardstick to measure the degree of their absolute stupidity; but as you quite fairly suggested: anyone who willingly gets ‘vaccinated’ almost deserves their fate. They do. They know it’s not properly tested or perhaps they don’t know, or just don’t care. They’re stupid enough even to believe that things will go back to ‘normal’, despite the tyrants having explained they won’t. I can’t understand why anyone would agree to take the mystery concoction, even if it were a legitimate vaccine (properly and fully tested, guaranteed safe and effective), and actually did what a vaccine is supposed to do, but my question is always why does anyone need it at all? Even if this ‘covid-19’ pathogen was properly isolated and identified, thus proven to actually exist, it hardly qualifies as an ‘epidemic’, let alone a deadly pandemic and, for 99% of the population, it isn’t likely to kill them.

  5. Mick says:

    We have to be careful not to fall into what I would call a media trap. We know the media lies, so why do so many awake people believe the media when it tries telling us that most people are following the rules and have fallen for the falsehoods? How do we know? They’re not going to be honest and say, “Nobody’s falling for this guff”, or “the vast majority don’t believe it”. They’re going to say those who are awake are a tiny majority when we may well be the majority, and I would suggest it may be those who keep saying “the sheeple are asleep” who are the ones who the media are fooling.

    People are just not as gullible in huge numbers as they need us to believe.

    • ian says:

      Hi Mick, yes it is sometimes easy to assume that you’re alone. Possibly Urban communities in places with a history of sticking together, eg Liverpool, might well have more aware people, however in the rural area where I live, stepping outside mainstream narrative results in stunned looks and tumbleweed blowing down the road.
      I always remember a quote from an unnamed ex presidential advisor in Chomsky’s book “Necessary Illusions”, It went, ” The role of government, is to serve corporate power, and the ruling elite. The role of the media is to control the ignorant and stupid masses”. It seems pretty much how it goes.