The Moral Degeneracy of Sacrificing Children on the Altar of Covid

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

This one struck a chord with us. Morality. ‘Morality’ is never on the table for discussion anymore. It’s a topic we’ve been conditioned away from, as the woke element occupies The New Moral High Ground. For advocating harmful drugs and surgery for children who are encouraged to imagine in their heads they’re ‘transgender’, whatever that is. For privileging, with a hugely pumped up sense of moral righteousness, certain micro groups in society while the vast majority of us are discriminated against for being white, heterosexual, poor, male, etc. We all know how this goes. Feigned righteousness on entirely arbitrary grounds has become the psychological party trick of the far left woke crowd.

Children, who we once believed deserve our full support in every conceivable way, are now being truly victimized via the Covid narrative. And the very class of people there to help them – teachers – have been on the frontline of their sacrifice. We are speaking from an educational perspective ourselves: the abandonment of children by the education profession, which has been royally duped with Covid paranoia and fake statistics, has been truly repugnant to us. And it meshes with Laura Perrins’ wise supposition below that those with the best educations are most likely the ones who simply don’t care. In fact, we would go so far as to say that education has been USED to sell the rest of us out, as well as the Left’s very own useful idiots. That’s the point.

Similarly, we shake our head at people’s total lack of moral reaction and basic human sympathy at seeing hundreds of restaurant, bar and small shop owners having their lives destroyed.

Some of the best moral commentary we’ve come across – based on entirely realistic, fact-based assumptions about the covid nonsense – has come from Catholic/Christian articles and podcasts. There we can find old-fashioned concern for the human. No wonder Cultural Marxism has been used to systematically trash religion over the decades.

An inability to fight for children is an inability to fight for all of us as humans.

What has happened to us?


The moral degeneracy of sacrificing children on the altar of Covid


WHAT kind of person knows that a government policy is causing misery, unemployment, destroying children’s education, turning teenagers suicidal, crashing the economy, running up an unprecedented level of debt that is now greater than the entire country and says: So what?

Those people are called lockdown hawks, and they don’t care about the utter human destruction this evil policy has caused.

Julia Hartley-Brewer put out a tweet asking for individual stories of the hardships the lockdown has caused and to read the thread is to remind yourself once again that what is happening is evil, immoral and unethical. (ER: We can entirely recommend this journalist for her sense of reality, morality and personal courage.)

Those on the Right who have been supporting this policy, that has been imported from China of all places, should be ashamed of themselves. There is very little evidence that lockdowns work, and even if they did, they fail the test of proportionality.  

The lockdown also fails on moral and ethical grounds. It intentionally seeks to crush the individual rights of millions to save an institution, ‘the NHS.’

Just because you might like the NHS, and it might save other people’s lives, does not make it right. You cannot crush the rights of one individual in such a brutal and disproportionate way to save another – that is why, in a nutshell, we do not harvest the organs of one healthy person to save the lives of five people. It might be justified on utilitarian grounds, but it fails morally.

Even on utilitarian grounds, this lockdown fails: It will no doubt destroy more lives than it saves.

But why bother arguing with these people, because in my heart I know they just don’t care. They are all right, Jack. Some are bought and paid for, a small percentage might be true believers. But in truth they don’t care about this mother who had to talk about suicide to her teenage daughter who is so depressed by the lockdown, or this mother who is going under because of it.

Well, that’s their problem, say lockdown hawks. They should just suck it up.

The attack on our children, teenagers, and university students is perhaps the most evil of all. Let’s just take the four, five and six-year olds who have had their last year of school interrupted.

They were kicked out of the classrooms before Easter and even though the Government said Key Stage One pupils should return from June 1, many did not. For those that did, it was rarely full-time until the end of term.

When September came, many were sent home again on and off, because of the ridiculous self-isolation scheme – some other kid coughed in their class, so the entire class was sent home for 14 days. And then they never went back after Christmas.

The early years are the most critical for children. This is where they learn to read and write. Lockdown hawks don’t give a damn if this generation have had their schooling destroyed in this way; they don’t care.


The Moral Degeneracy of Sacrificing Children on the Altar of Covid

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