The Left Has Weaponized Medicine ~ Dr Lee Merrit Interview

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The Perfect Weapon, Medicine.

When a virus infects a nation everyone believes it’s Mother Nature, Right?

Dr Lee Merrit Interview   “No one knows what is in this V@ccine, so let me explain”

“This type of vaccine has never been successful on animals, we’ve tried this before, it causes an immune system shut down. It’s the perfect binary weapon.” Dr Lee Merrit Interview

This is a must see, must share interview.

Peter Humphrey ~ Dr Lee Merrit Interview

Fireside Chat Ep. 146 — The Left Is Weaponizing Medicine


Why is there so much hate and mockery around a single medication? Is there really no evidence of its efficacy?

Dennis Prager has been following this politicized medication for months and provides scientific facts that the mainstream media attempts to suppress.