The Covid PCR Test Can Be Deadly! A Very Tragic Christmas Story From Taking The PCR Test! Must See Videos!

Tragic Christmas Story – The Covid PCR Test Can Be Deadly!

The covid test impacts your vagus nerve which is a massive pathway that controls everything from inflammation to anxiety & depression.

The PCR test gives false postivies over 96% of the time and will ensure that you are contact traced for life!

A big red flag for me. Why do they have to shove a 6 inch cotton bud up your snozzer if it’s in your spit, hence the stupid mask mandates

Freedom or Die. Vaxx and you are a GMO UN-Human that will die from your actions and be separated from God of Abrham Isaac and Jacob forever.  The Covid 19 vaccine and Covid PCR test and the quantum dot tattoos and the neuralink are all Marks of the Beast.  The Beast has more than one mark!

See my previous post on the nanobots on the Covid test. /christian-news/2021/01/shocker-dr-lorraine-day-warns-people-of-the-covid-nonsense-and-the-dangers-of-the-covid-test-awesome-interview-dr-day-w-jana-must-see-video-as-the-beast-is-very-sneaky-2592341.html