The commie/psych subversives embedded in SAGE. You can’t make this sh*t up!

by Steve Cook

The more you look into it, the more it becomes evident that the Covid Terror is a psyop directed against the people.

It is the psychological spearhead of an attack upon our nation intended to crush, dismantle and then “rebuild” it closer to an ideal bereft of liberty that resembles the state socialism of Communism as much as anything else.

For those who care not to hide behind their face nappies (the wearing of which is a strand in the psychological effort to demoralise and cow the populace) and LOOK at the direction in which we are being herded by utopian tinkerers who treat us as cattle, we observe something interesting.

In a nutshell, there are manifold similarities to the communistic-style authoritarian “Big Brother” centralised state – with above this (and here’s the trick) the puppet-master money powers of intertwined banking/corporate interests.

The propaganda drive, the psychological warfare effort to to herd us through fear into blind obedience and servile dependency is itself driven by a powerful group of behavioral psychologists embedded within SAGE.

This psych front group in turn drives the political front men, the weak-minded stooges, blackmailees, credulous dupes, hypnotised robots – or whatever the heck these evil clowns are – such as Johnson and Hancock.

The subversive clique of “behavioral psychology experts” is know as SPI-B.

Writing about this highly manipulative subversive group, Dr Bruce Scott said:

“The psychologists of SPI-B and the UK Government knew fear alone would not be enough. Therefore, SPI-B suggested to government the use and promotion of social approval for desired behaviours, to consider enacting legislation to compel required behaviours, and to consider the use of social disapproval for failure to comply. They have used the mainstream media and social media, along with false “fact-checking” and censorship, to get their message across, and it has been working.”

There is a string to pull here: who exactly is in this subversive group and to whom exactly they are connected? This needs a THOROUGH investigation to bring all of these characters into the open and under the spotlight (and not the government version of an investigation, which is more often than not a designed to cover up rather than expose.)

Who are these people?

What is their hold over Johnson’s Vaccine Terror faction?

What fuels their evident drive to reshape our society closer to micro-controlled Communism than the Liberty upon which the West was founded?

What, for instance, are their connections to the corporate interests, political interests and, indeed, the Tavistock psychological warfare centre in London? (set up in WW2 as a counter to Goebbels under Army psychiatrist Brigadier JR Rees and evidently now using what was learned against us. Incidentally, one of the associates of this centre, psychiatrist G Brock Chisholm, was the first president of the W.H.O.).

A cursory look at SPI-B reveals something interesting:

Professor Susan Michie, is a key member of the SPI-B group embedded in SAGE. She is also a member of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB).You can verify this here.

Michie is also director of University College London’s (UCL) Centre for Behaviour Change (CBC) and of its Health Psychology Research Group

So here we have a Conservative Government being steered into deeper and deeper madness by a behaviour-modification expert who is also a leading Communist! How the hell did that happen?

[A further string to pull: Gates Foundation donates to UCL. We’ need to find out to what extent and how much and indeed, whether any of this funding impacts on Prof Michie’s Centre for Behaviour Change. Also, any other Pharmaceutical vested interests funding the UCL and/or CBC? If anyone would like to do this research and info me of the results, it would be appreciated.]

Michie’s current research includes “developing methodologies for designing and evaluating theory-based interventions to change behaviour, and advancing scientific knowledge about, and applications of, behaviour change interventions. She leads the Human Behaviour-Change Project funded by the Wellcome Trust.”

The Wellcome Trust are of course big on Vaccines.

Trustee of the Wellcome Trust is, you guessed it, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Enough said.

Steve Cook is the author of various works of fiction, non fiction, satire and verse. He writes and publishes the satirical blog, The Daily Scare

The commie/psych subversives embedded in SAGE. You can’t make this stuff up!


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