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Scamdemic. Scumdemic. Pundemic.

I’m afraid my friend has sent another batch of awful pun jokes.  My apologies. I am told comedians are having a Corona field day with COVID jokes.  Is this how we defend ourselves mentally from the knowledge that our governments and media are signed up to a mass depopulation agenda, and is how we keep strong?  Don’t have the vaccine, sure – but have a laugh too.  We need to enjoy each day and keep life worthwhile, while we try to unravel the coming destruction of our world.  If enough people can just open up and ignore the government’s closures, it would bring hope back for millions, and keep us all smiling.

That helps to deal with the destruction of US democracy which has occurred with Trump being swept from office, despite winning the election with a landslide.  With the US gone, how will world democracy survive?  The fascist, communist state is coming, manifesting from behind the scenes.  That’s what the COVID scam is all about, putting everyone onto the back foot while they seize the controls and take over.  Blogs such as this will be unlikely to survive.  Copy the posts you want to keep now.