4 Responses to “Risking his job Belfast Hospital staff member & still people will believe the TV AND MEDIA LIES.”

  1. Aldous says:

    “… still people will believe the TV AND MEDIA LIES.”
    No doubt those who ‘believe’ will be first in line for the ‘jab’ and will die or get irreversably sick or seriously affected for the rest of their self-inflicted, miserable, believing lives.

  2. Aldous says:

    I see Happy Clappers/Clap for Carers is back in the UK from this Thursday but rebranded Clap for Heroes. Strewth!
    The Deep State wallahs really are taking the piss out of the cattle.

    • Tapestry says:

      Clap used to mean something else. A common greeting after holiday excesses being Merry Syphilis and A Happy Gonorhea. I almost misread ‘Clap For Herpes’. It was must be tough for kids these days with all potential meeting up places closed bar the internet. Maybe they’ve developed a new condition called Online Clap so the virtual world can keep up. If so, I bet it won’t be much fun contracting it…old fashioned clap would have been much better. It might even give all those empty hospitals something constructive to attend to…

  3. Aldous says:


    Sorry for the confusion Tap. I did try posting the above link earlier but to no avail.

    Well they changed Coronavirus Hoax 1 to COVID-19 Hoax 2, so why not Clap Hoax 3?
    Even mindless, unthinking drones who haven’t had sex for donkey’s years will get convinced they have it and caught it from a toilet seat; OR be convinced that they should have worn boxing gloves in puberty or have kept their hands above the sheets more in adulthood.

    A close friend of mine caught me unawares the other day when he said his misses only lets him have his wicked way once a year now that he’s old and wrinkly. I jokingly said: “As often as that even?”
    “Yeah but i’m happy as a cop, I mean pig in the proverbial,” he replied.
    “And why is that?” I asked.
    “It’s tonight that she lets me have my wicked way and she’s gonna get the whole gun!”
    I honestly didn’t know who to feel sorry for more, my friend or his dear and long suffering misses.

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