Pubs are public enemy number one.

The dispute boils down to how responsible pubs actually are for transmitting the virus. Whitty used stats which showed that 29.8 per cent of exposures to coronavirus occurred in pubs and restaurants and just 2.6 per cent in homes. That is at odds with NHS Test and Trace data which puts the at-home figure at 75.3 per cent from homes.

(TAP – Not much difference between 2.6% and 75.3%.  It’s so reassuring to see that the statistics prove beyond doubt that the whole thing is a massive fraud.)

The exact reason for the difference is unclear, with one MP accusing the Government of using “cobbled together” statistics. Part of the issue may stem from the fact that, for example. a single infection at a pub could lead that individual to infect their entire household of six. Technically, the household transmission would be responsible for five times as many infections, but clearly the pub is the source of the problem.

Still, the evidence is not entirely clear and, as Sarah Knapton argues, the reasoning behind the policy may actually be that the Government doesn’t want to shut down schools, universities and workplaces, which are worse drivers of infections than pubs.

Front Bench

I’ve been dropping off comments on Ellesmere Community News on facebook, as with a PCR ‘case’ at the local school Lakelands causing whole sections of the school to close and teachers to be quarantined.  I wrote the simple reply that if no one got tested, there would be zero cases, as there are almost none now according to people working in local hospitals.  It is a PCR pandemic with no actual cases, just ‘positives’ from a faulty test which gives 80-90% false results.  My comment was deleted and I was advised that the discussion about the school is only about the effects of the virus, not about whether the virus exists or not.  In another comment, I was told that I don’t need to educate people but merely to comment on what they are saying.  It feels like the hand of state control.  I had some really good set piece battles with a few local coronavirus zealots before the monitors were appointed.  As with all media the control system moves in to stop people saying the obvious.  This is all a massive con, with political objectives like closing pubs, and stopping people from having access to strangers who can tell them things – like the truth for example.  The media lies work better when everyone is cut off from everyone else.