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Proof PCR Test is a Psychological Operation [resource]

The following evidence is for distribution in any country

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The more people who have access to fact based evidence of a world coup masked as a life threatening flu, and leverage the proof, the sooner chaos transforms into coherence.

1. PCR technique

Kary Mullis [1944-2019] was an American biochemist and inventor of the [PCR] polymerase chain reaction technique for which he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993.

PCR, simply put, is a thermal cycling method used to make up to billions of copies of a specific DNA sample, making it large enough to study. PCR is an indispensable technique with a broad variety of applications including biomedical research and criminal forensics.

Mullis himself said PCR should never be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases.”

2. RT-PCR test

Evidence the PCR is test unreliable and should not be used as a factor in political decisions. Researched, written, and narrated by Derrick Broze.

Ten Things You Should Know About PCR Test and covid


3. WHO Finally Admits COVID19 PCR Test Has a ‘Problem’ Dec 20

In a statement released on December 14, 2020 the World Health Organization finally owned up to what 100,000’s of doctors and medical professionals have been saying for months: the PCR test used to diagnose COVID-19 is a hit and miss process with way too many false positives. https://principia-scientific.com/who-finally-admits-covid19-pcr-test-has-a-problem/

4. WHO Releases guidance to labs globally to reduce cycle count in PCR test Jan 21

The World Health Organization released guidance to laboratories around the world to reduce the cycle count in PCR tests to get a more accurate representation of COVID cases. The current cycle was much too high and resulting in any particle being declared a positive case.

After all the fear porn, dehumanizing covid restrictions, bankruptcies, income losses, suicides, drug overdose, unhealthy masking, future PCR tests will run only 25-30 cycles instead of 40+https://www.who.int/news/item/20-01-2021-who-information-notice-for-ivd-users-2020-05

5. COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless

Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose. https://bpa-pathology.com/covid19-pcr-tests-are-scientifically-meaningless/

6. Lawsuit filed in Germany – PCR test

Excerpts by Reiner Fuellmich international lawyer who filed a lawsuit in Germany.

“We know from listening to our witnesses, we know this particular so-called Drosden PCR test, which supposedly tells you something about infections, does not tell you anything about infections but rather it is being used as a tool to keep people in panic mode, and not ask any questions about what they are supposed to do, like mask wearing requirements, social distancing, the lockdowns.

There’s no scientists in this entire world who will claim that a PCR test can detect infections. PCR tests are not designed for diagnostic purposes, they’re not admitted for diagnostic purposes. I’ve seen all the videos by the inventor. The PCR test is a great tool, it makes things visible to the human eyes, which are otherwise not visible, by amplifying it, by making those molecules you take with these swabs larger, so that eventually you can see what this is all about but they are not in any way capable of telling you anything about infections, in particular not when these PCR tests are set at more than 25 cycles of amplification.” https://www.bitchute.com/video/4QbDaafj1ZFj/

7. Major concerns with the Corman-Drosten paper

Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich sued the 3 main promoters of the ‘Corona Panic’, the same people governments planet-wide rely on to enforce lockdowns and other unconstitutional restrictions.

Dr. Christian Drosten, virologist and Director of the Institute at Charité Hospital in Berlin. Drosten is the inventor of the PCR test not approved for diagnostic purposes, as is correctly noted on leaflets coming with these tests.

Mr. Tedros Adhanom, head of the World Health Organisation or WHO – Drosten used the PCR test in Wuhan China, it came positive, this was enough for the WHO to sound the pandemic alarm and recommend worldwide use the PCR test for the detection of infections.

Mr. Lothar Wieler, veterinarian and head of the German equivalent of the CDC, the RKI, wrote “the “panic paper” that was leaked, which was written by the German Department of the Interior. Its classified content shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that in fact the population was deliberately driven to panic by politicians and mainstream media. Wieler for fraud in regards to exaggerating the danger and contagion of corona (covid 19).

Here are ten fatal problems with the Corman-Drosten paper outlined and explained in great detail.  https://cormandrostenreview.com/report/

8. Portuguese court rules PCR tests unreliable

Nov 2020 https://off-guardian.org/2020/11/20/portuguese-court-rules-pcr-tests-unreliable-quarantines-unlawful/

9. Government website reveals extensive covid ‘cases’ fraud

RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present.


10. NBC discloses the virus was never isolated


PCR psyop https://www.bitchute.com/video/mGYefByrG0h0/

11. PCR ‘cases’ psyop

Since the PCR test cannot detect an infectious disease, and SARSCOV 2 has never been isolated to prove it causes an infectious disease called covid-19, what are they testing for and why?

The more cycles the more false positives or cases. Cycle thresholds up to 45 cycles over inflated case numbers projected non-stop by mainstream media, health departments, and governments to sustain fear, lessen resistance to unhealthy, dehumanizing restrictions, and increase acceptance of an experimental treatment without full disclosure of what’s in the syringe, known dangers, and transformation of the nature of man so that human DNA can be patented, bought, sold and traded.

Revisit #4 above then open this link. https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/cna-nursing-home-whistleblower-seniors-are-dying-like-flies-after-covid-injections-speak-out/

12. The new m-RNA treatment is ‘not’ a vaccine

Catherine Austin Fitts compares the new mRNA treatment to a computer operating system, stating that just like Windows, there would be a ‘back door’ where technocrats will be able to control our bodies through regular ‘updates.’ https://mypatriotsnetwork.com/patriot/video-catherine-austin-fitts-exposes-the-deep-state-plan/?utm_content=12108352&utm_medium=Email&utm_name=Id&utm_source=Actionetics&utm_term=Email

Dr. David Martin says they use the term “vaccine” to sneak this thing under public health exemptions. This is not a vaccine. This is mRNA packaged in a fat envelope that is delivered to a cell. It is a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator. Vaccines actually are a legally defined term under public health law; they are a legally defined term under CDC and FDA standards. The vaccine specifically has to stimulate both the immunity within the person receiving it, and it also has to disrupt transmission. And that is not what this is. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2021/01/mrna-vaccine-injects-an-operating-system-into-your-body-called-the-software-of-life-this-is-not-a-vaccine/

End harm and attempts to alter the nature of man

The intent of this resource is to inform people so they choose wisely, which includes whether or not to consent to the m-RNA treatment for themselves and children.

Please share the evidence with people you know, governments at all levels, police, medical colleges, health departments, business owners, religious leaders, etc. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino