Prof. Dolores Cahill: Should We Take This Vaccine?

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This most recent of interviews with molecular biologist and immunologist Prof. Cahill by Martin Byrne covers the following points:

  • Vaccines: Over 20 years, with the first SARS outbreak and HPV vaccine, Cahill’s analysis shows that for every one year of life saved in HPV, there are 8,000 years of adverse events. But the media are hiding this.
  • Parents are not being informed about this.
  • Vaccines are portrayed as safe and effective, but lawyers including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., along with Del Bigtree, have shown that NOT ONE of the childhood vaccines has been safety tested at all. The word ‘safe’ should mean something.
  • DEATH is a major adverse event with childhood vaccines. Children vaccinated under the age of 1 in the US have a higher chance of dying than children in Africa.
  • 32 different words for DEATH are being used. So parents see acronyms like SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and SUDS (Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome), which means DEATH. A parent needs to see the clear word ‘death’, not meaningless acronyms.
  • Covid vaccine: we’re being told the exact opposite of what is true. HPV vaccines shows 8,000 times more illness than if you didn’t get it. If they say something is safe, it is the opposite. For coronaviruses, no vaccine has ever been licensed to date although attempts have been made over decades. When they put coronavirus vaccines into animals, they either got seriously ill or died. Coronavirus vaccines create heightened sensitivity to the wild virus post-vaccination. The vaccine primes you to react badly to the natural virus when it next comes around. So this is entirely possible with the covid vaccine. If we should see ‘Coronavirus 21’ occur, for example, people who have been vaccinated now could die of organ failure within 5 days of catching the next coronavirus.
  • In a study by Greg Wolff, an influenza vaccine made on dog kidneys (which contain huge amounts of coronavirus) showed that soldiers who took this flu vaccine reacted adversely to the coronavirus later on: 1 in 3 had an adverse event. So the soldiers had been primed. But you would never know about this: you would not connect these two events. Vaccinating people now could disguise a rash of deaths later on when other viruses are circulating. This adverse reaction to the wild virus prepped by vaccination is called ‘cytokine storm’, ‘pathogenic priming’, ‘viral interference’, ‘super priming’, etc.
  • There are huge issues right now with what the world organizations and our own governments are doing. Vaccines are NOT NECESSARY this year. There is just too much risk from the vaccine being given because it is putting them at risk in the future. A 1/3 of the population could be affected by super-priming. This year, DON’T TAKE ANY VACCINES. Dr. Judy Mikovits recommends no vaccinations for 5 years. They’re not safety tested so we should not have vaccination programs for the elderly or programs that are compulsory. It should be stopped for 10 years in the schools.
  • Take the population of New Jersey: 1/20 boys have autism; half the children have chronic illness. Yet 20 miles away, the Amish community have no vaccinations and have much healthier children. Countries who invest the most in vaccines are producing the sickest children.
  • 54 vaccines are competing in a market where the vaccine isn’t necessary. Animal studies have been skipped. Historically, animal studies showed the animals died, hence there was no licensing of the vaccine. But now …?
  • ‘If you paid me a million or 10 million, I wouldn’t take it. I would go to prison first. If somebody vaccinates me, I will be suing them for attempted murder.’



Prof. Dolores Cahill: Should We Take This Vaccine?

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