Passing Observations 28

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. The politicians don’t care what we know or suspect. As lie is added to lie, the politicians’ hubris and sneering has become deeply offensive to many. Have so many lies ever been told to so many by so few with such awful consequences?

2. In the UK, the NHS was built up by the ridiculous clapping six months ago. Today, the NHS’s reputation is, quite rightly, in tatters and the NHS has never been as unpopular. It should be renamed the National Death Service. More and more people feel betrayed. This has all been a successful psy op. It’s easier to smash the reputation of an individual or an organisation when they’ve been built up ready for a fall. I doubt if the NHS will ever recover. And now the Government will have a reason to dismantle it – and will be able to do so without a public outcry.

3. At least one supermarket in the UK is now insisting that customers who won’t wear a face mask must wear a plastic shield. That’s not what the Government’s advice says on its website. And some idiots are now claiming that joggers should wear masks. That too is not official advice. Indeed, the best advice is that even aficionados of the dangerous, mask wearing-is-good myth should NOT wear a mask when exercising – unless they are feeling suicidal.

4. People who don’t know what is really going on think that things will go back to normal when everyone has been vaccinated. Things will never go back to normal unless we make them.

5. There is a move among some of the Government’s advisors in the UK to stretch the social distancing rule to ten feet. If we are going to follow the science then social distancing should be 30 feet because a sneeze or a cough can send germs well over 20 feet.

6. Compile a list of companies which demand that customers or employees have a covid 19 vaccination. And then boycott all the companies on your list.

7. If you think they are useful, please put my videos on other platforms such as Parler, Brighteon and Gab. I’m afraid I just don’t have the time to do this though I know it’s important.

8. Anyone likely to die is being tested regularly to make sure that they can be put down as a covid-19 death. So, for example, frail care home patients are tested at least every 28 days so that if they die shortly after having the covid-19 vaccine they will be classified as having died not of the vaccine but of covid-19.

9. I reckon we need 10% of the population to be `awake’ to the fraud if we are going to be able to retain some of our independence, our freedom and our free speech.

10. Sports clubs manage to keep their players `free’ of covid-19 by doing fewer PCR test amplifications so that it finds very few or no false positives.

11. One of the largest factories making the ingredients for hydroxychloroquine burnt down recently in Taiwan. Hydroxychloroquine is, of course, an amazingly useful drug in the treatment of covid-19. The drug, which is cheap, has been the subject of much sneering from the political establishment and those industries and their supporters which prefer to vaccinate everyone. (Gosh, I wonder why that fire happened. I hope it is investigated.) 12. At one nursing home in New York, deaths only began after the residents were given the covid-19 vaccine. Another coincidence, I suppose.

13. I recently saw an appeal organised by someone trying to raise £500,000 to hire lawyers to fight the lockdowns. Why should a lawsuit cost so much? Why aren’t lawyers preparing to work pro bono on this? Doctors everywhere are speaking up without demanding fees – and are risking their careers. I haven’t monetised any of my channels, there are no ads on my website and my last two books on covid-19 and on masks are free.

14. Several people who have received the covid-19 vaccination have developed Bell’s Palsy. It is said this is a coincidence. Really? Bell’s Palsy has been previously described as a vaccination adverse reaction. It is particularly common as a problem after flu vaccination.

15. Note that travel abroad is dangerous and is particularly so for anyone who writes anything on the internet. You may think that what you’ve written is accurate and innocuous but if you live in country A and travel to country B for a week’s holiday you could find yourself being extradited from country B to country C. And don’t think, `Oh they wouldn’t know I was there’ because these days everyone in government knows where everyone is.

16. As predicted (in passing Observations 26) council leaders all over Britain want to delay the May elections in the UK – though elections are successfully taking place in other countries. Indeed, the Americans managed to hold a Presidential election without too much trouble. Strangely, it seems to be mainly politicians currently in power who are opposed to holding elections. I wonder why that could be.

17. International Monetary Fund researchers have called for internet search history to be tied to credit scores.

18. Denmark is developing a digital covid-19 digital passport so that Danish nationals can travel freely around the world. It’s the first official step towards the unpleasant reality of faux mandatory vaccination.

19. The most common symptom among those suffering from Climate Change Syndrome is hypocrisy. A study in late 2020 showed that climate experts and climate scientists fly more than any other type of expert – taking an average of five flights a year. Professors dealing with climate change take an average of nine flights a year – again this is more than other types of professor. And then, of course, there is Lewis Hamilton the racing driver and my current poster child for hypocrisy. He spends his life flying round the world (sometimes to places with a very dodgy human rights record) so that he can drive a car which does about 4 mpg round and round in circles. But he says he’s very concerned about climate change. If he really believes all the rubbish spouted by the crazed climate change cultists he should just stay at home.

20. Lateral flow testing for covid-19 is simple, fast and effective. It is therefore, not difficult to see why it is not being used and why the difficult, dangerous, slow and totally unreliable PCR test is preferred. Maybe lateral flow testing wouldn’t give all those useful false positives.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2021

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