Official U.K. Report Advises Anyone Taking Any Other Medications Not To Get The Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Buried within an official U.K. government guidance report released to assist healthcare professionals in administering the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine BNT162b2 are the astonishing admissions that no only will Phase III safety studies not be completed until 2023 — but also that people who are taking any other medications should no take this vaccine because no data is available on potential adverse drug interactions:

This article examines the document “Reg 174 Information for UK Healthcare Professionals” and narratives being pushed in the mainstream media that directly contradict that document…

The short ten-page official guidance being given to UK healthcare professionals contains many interesting admissions. In fact, the document, released in early December 2020 to accompany the vaccine rollout, appears to advise healthcare practitioners not to risk giving the experimental injection to the majority of the people who are due to receive the vaccine, particularly “prioritized” populations. Those in charge are pushing to vaccinate as much of the population as possible, before any critical public questions can be asked and answered, a situation that has left the safety and ethics of the vaccination campaign questionable at best and inhumane at worst.

In going through the Reg 174 document, it becomes very clear that there are many issues and recommendations that are being hidden from the general public. Here are ten of the most notable causes for concern contained within the official UK guidance document.

…Possibly the most fascinating admission in the entire document is the absence of any compatibility studies when somebody is given the vaccine while on any other medication or medical treatment. The guidance clearly states “this medicinal product should not be mixed with other medical products.” This completely jaw dropping sentence will lead many to assume that if you are on any medication at all, then you shouldn’t be given the vaccine. Whether this refers to the mixing of other medical properties directly together with the vaccine, or simultaneous dosing of any other medical product is unclear from the official guidance.

Depending on which survey you read, anywhere between 50% and 70% of the population in the U.K. and America is taking some kind of regular prescription medication.

And if you include people who are also taking some sort of over-the-counter drugs — like aspirin, tylenol, or cough syrup — you are probably excluding 90% of the population who should not be receiving this vaccine.

But very few people even understand that vaccines are drugs — and all drugs have side effects, and all drugs can have serious adverse reactions with other drugs taken at the same time.

This COVID vaccine is being heavily promoted among the elderly — many of whom are on blood thinners for high blood pressure — and yet studies have shown that people on blood thinners can experience serious complications from flu shots.

But we’ve already begun to see the shape of things to come with these vaccines — all the debilitating side effects, autoimmune disorders, and even death will be blamed on a “new strain” of this ever-present coronavirus — COVID-21, 22, 23, 24…. until everyone is forced to submit to these vaccines.

Remember, from the very beginning when researchers in Israel announced that it was “pure luck” they just “happened to be” working on these new mRNA vaccines for COVID — they claimed that this new (untested) vaccine technology could be easily “tweaked” to be effective against new strains of similar viruses — without having to go back to square one and develop an entirely new vaccine.

And that’s exactly what we are already seeing — “experts” quickly claimed that the current COVID vaccines will work on the new strain of COVID they allegedly found in the U.K. — and now in California — a strain which is allegedly even more contagious than “regular” COVID.

There will be no “return to normal” in 2021 — if anything 2021 promises to be worse — much worse.


Official U.K. Report Advises Anyone Taking Any Other Medications Not To Get The Pfizer COVID Vaccine