Nick Fleming: Late Night and Early Morning RV/GCR Intel Update 1-20-21

Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

01/19-20/21 Late Night Early Morning Update

. Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, Bruce’s sources, MarkZ’s sources, and other sources saying that we are going through the transition right now to the shotgun liquidity release and the T4B notification emails being released any moment from now till Sat 23 Jan under the cover of the drama in DC of POTUS Trump leaving the White House in a “red carpet roll out” ceremony tomorrow morning Wed 1/20 followed by the illegal fraudulent “inauguration” of Joe [B]iden based on the illegal fraudulent vote stealing of the election by [D]eep State+CCP agents+CIA+FBI working for the Rockefeller & Rothschild banksters, British MI6 [D]eep State operatives, and with other (Italian, Vatican, Spanish, German, Serbian, Iranian, Venezuelan, etc) [D]eep State operatives; his disclaimer: as all should know, not all people in these agencies and organizations are bad but their leadership has been the problem, he said, as they are largely Freemason pedosatanists working for their globalist NWO overlords and the NWO World Economic Forum (WEF) 2030 plan, absolutely committed to a sat*anic communist world govt which must have the USA, We-the-People, POTUS Trump, and the US Constitution OUT OF THEIR WAY to accomplish their evil goals.(edited)

[11:49 PM]

. He is confirming Bruce’s sources that at 4:45 pm EST today Tue 19 Jan, as Trump began his speech, there was a release to start paying out bond holder liquidity from about 5 pm EST onward into bond holder accounts (accessible when we in T4B receive our notification emails, 800#s and Safe Link Website links, to start setting our appointments to exchange / redeem);

. His info is the same as Bruce that paymasters are to be in Reno for the shotgun start no later than tomorrow Wed 20 Jan and bond holders could receive access to 1-2% of their account funds as early as tomorrow Wed 20 Jan or Thu 21 Jan and parallel to them, we in T4B could be started any time between now and Sat 23 Jan;

. As Bruce said we need to be patient and pray-in our T4B start, even though it could start as late as Sat 23 Jan after Trump has activated the EBS, declared (made public) martial law, and among other measures, Trump and his team could immediately file impeachment articles against [B]iden, even as arrests and prosecutions begin under the 65,000 military soldiers in DC and under the military units in all states and major cities over the coming days.

. He confirmed that bond holder account recipients were told this afternoon Tue 19 Jan that their bond liquidity was to be released any moment now: e.g., Isaac in Zurich was told by his bank “any moment. . . Be ready. . . . Liquidity is coming any moment now.” So this suggests our T4B notifications and the T1-4A shotgun liquidity start is also any moment now through the coming weekend.(edited)

[11:49 PM]

. Our guy’s info is the same as Juan O’Savin’s info to Robert David Steele that [B]iden may enter the White House after the illegal fraudulent inauguration tomorrow Wed 20 Jan, but Trump will STILL BE the ONLY LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT in control of the military through Secty of Defense Chris Miller, who is overseeing Special Forces (SOF) and the 65,000+ National Guard and active military in DC; as Juan O’Savin said, by next Sun 24 Jan things should become CLEARER; the illegal presidency of pedosatanist Joe [B]iden should begin to be disclosed along with the disclosure of the crimes of many other traitors / criminals in DC (including crimes of embezzling trillions in govt funds, many pedosatanic “leaders” who committed tor*ture, ra*pe, & mur*der of ba*bies and chi*ldren, identity fraud [e.g., Obama born in Kenya, Kamala Harris NOT natural born citizen, etc], conspiracy to murder and assassinate Americans [Bush Sr key planner to murder JFK in 1963, etc.]);

. He confirmed intel of Dr. Charlie Ward’s sources and MarkZ’s sources and other sources that over the past weekend the Marines raided the CIA Langley VA headquarters and came out with huge amounts of damning and incriminating evidence of treason and crimes against humanity done by the CIA in cooperation with the FBI and in cooperation with 95% of CCP compromised, bribed, and blackmailed politicians and bureaucrats in DC.

[11:49 PM]

. He confirmed that the US Military from the raid at CIA headquarters now has clear proof that (1) the C19 pandemic was a manufactured crisis to implement mail-in ballot and electronic vote switching election fraud, with the goal of (2) wearing down the USA economically, and creating a draconian [D]eep State C19 vaccine ID system ( see. And ; many already know that the name “C19“ = planned in 2016 as the “Certificate of Vaccine ID 2019” [D]eep State Rothschild-Rockefeller-Bill Gates operation)—all this to further the [D]eep State globalist plan to commit further mass crimes against humanity and to kill off 90%+ of humanity through a kinetic WWIII nuclear war between the USA, North Korea, Russia, and China, stopped thank God by the patriot military Generals who recruited Trump to run for president in 2016—what nice people these [D]eep State half-wits are, aren’t they? They just love bringing hell up on earth for all to suffer except themselves: Edmond de Rothschild (who faked his death, our guy confirmed Fulford’s info, and who is hiding in Patagonia south of Argentina until special force [SOF] units catch up with him), Joe [B]iden, Kamala [H]arris, Hillary & Bill [C]linton, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, James Comey (“Corney”), John Brennan, Susan Rice (who Rick Grenell rightly said would be the “shadow president” behind [B]iden not Kamala—he said Susan Rice is a very evil person), Klaus Schwab of the Davos WEF, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Oprah Winfrey & Ellen DeGeneres (who both openly marketed, as Dr. Charlie Ward said, a hand cream made from the fle*sh of mur*dered children), Tom Hanks, and all the other wonderful pedosatanist elites—time to arrest these Manchurian candidates he said and prosecute them all!!!(edited)

[11:51 PM]

. He confirmed that Trump may use the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) or Space Force’s “Global Broadcast System” (GBS) to broadcast messages to the American people and the world about the crimes of the elite politicians and bureaucrats like the [B]iden crime family, the [D]eep State Dem’s and the GOP RINOs who have been bribed or blackmailed and extorted by CCP China, forcing them to serve the globalist NWO anti-human C19 and other goals of the globalist [D]eep State.

. He confirmed that one of the things Trump (or the military) may announce between Wed 20 Jan and Sun 24 Jan over the EBS is a suspension of [B]iden’s illegal presidency and a move to a temporary interim form of govt overseen by the US military until all the clear evidence of election fraud in the six swing states and the evidence of the elite’s crimes against the USA, against the US Constitution, and against humanity are fully investigated and prosecuted in military tribunals;

. His info confirms reports that Navy JAG (Judge Advocate General) officers are heading to DC for the express purpose of prosecuting cases in near-term…MILITARY TRIBUNALS ( Link no longer good but it was here: ); given the mountains of evidence of election fraud in 6+ states, he said anyone with half a brain can figure out who will be arrested and subjected to these military tribunals; he said if you guessed all those in DC, surrounded by 65,000 military troops and being prevented from escaping DC by fences with razor barbed wire, who committed treason through certifying fraudulent electoral votes, you GUESSED RIGHT!(edited)

Yesterday at 11:58 PM

. He confirmed info that though [D]eep State Dem & RINOs claim the military is there to protect them from “big, bad, dangerous” Trump supporters, actually DC is like one huge prison camp, with military checkpoints checking ID’s of those trying to LEAVE DC but not those ENTERING DC—this clearly confirms that the 65,000 military troops that are in DC are there to STOP [D]EEP STATE TRAITORS from escaping and the 4,000 soldiers that have been deputized as US Marshalls will carry out arrests of all those wonderful [B]iden adorers in DC—WON’T BE LONG NOW HE SAID!

. His info is the same as other sources saying that the corrupt [D]eep State FBI and CIA leadership are teaming up with CCP Chinese agents to send in Antifa / BLM thugs with weapons (trained in Somalia and armed with CCP supplied bombs and weapons); so-called “homeless camps” in DC of Antifa thugs have been spotted, and they will try to do false flag terrorism in the form of drone launched small diameter bombs (SDBs), kamikaze planes or drones, shooters, pipe bombs, etc, etc IN ORDER TO BLAME TRUMP SUPPORTERS—most of these threats have already been tracked and contained by US military Special Forces (SOF) units, but he APPRECIATES PRAYERS that NONE OF THE THREATS TO PEOPLE IN DC COME ABOUT AT ALL;

. He said that they will try to do this kind of false flag terrorism also in the 50 state capitals and 400 urban areas, all of which are being STOPPED by SOF units, but he said STAY AWAY FROM HOT SPOTS LIKE THESE and SET YOUR EXCHANGE-REDEMPTION APPT IN NON-URBAN AREAS IF POSSIBLE.

[11:58 PM]

. His info agrees with Benjamin Fulford’s info that the following YouTube in Spanish may be a sign the entire [B]iden psy-op is about to be uncovered and stopped, perhaps in the EBS announcements of the coming 72-96 hours: Sun 17 Jan 2021 Title: “El viejo sleepi nos dejo hace 6 días“ [The Old Sleepy (Joe) Left Us 6 Days Ago].

. His info agrees with MarkZ’s info that Russia is now going on the gold standard with the gold-backed ruble, as Russia has been aggregating its gold reserves for the last 12 years, as has China; this is part of the whole world quietly going on the QFS gold-standard behind the scenes right now as we await T4B to be started between now and the coming weekend.

. His info agrees with MarkZ’s and others that the fall of governments around the world over the past week [Netherlands govt, Italian govt under [D]eep State PM Matteo Renzi and his party who resigned after his involvement was uncovered in USA election fraud through Leonardi satellites (+the usual suspects, Vatican+CIA+British MI6, engaging in Dominion Voting System internet vote switching Tue-Wed 3-4 Nov 2020), Kuwaiti govt collapse, Germany’s Angela Merkal will now leave office in April 2020 instead of Oct 2020]; he agrees with MarkZ that this all shows HOW CLOSE WE ARE to (1) the financial system imploding and being replaced by the GCR / RV gold-backed QFS system, and HOW CLOSE WE ARE to (2) ARRESTS OF GLOBALIST ELITE PEDOSATANIST ELITES in EVERY ONE OF THE 209 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD!(edited)

[11:59 PM]

. His info agrees with those sources saying that tomorrow Wed 20 Jan through next weekend, and beyond, as we in T4B are exchanging, there will be a SMOOTH TRANSITION to a military backed interim government in the USA and NOT TO A [B]IDEN ADMINISTRATION which will be short-lived at best (his info no more than a few days) before US military STOPS it and starts the arrests and military tribunals.

. His info agrees with Dr. Charlie Ward’s sources saying that Trump has verified at least four times that according to the US Constitution, if there was ANY FOREIGN INTERFERENCE in the Nov 2020 election, then Trump would win the election by default; and because there is abundant hard evidence that there was OBVIOUSLY foreign interference in the election, Trump IS AND WILL REMAIN the default winner (e.g., ODI Ratcliffe’s Thu 7 Jan letter to Congress & the Wed 6 Jan IC report officially named China and other nations as illegally interfering in the election: e.g., Sun 17 Jan–China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election, Director of National Intelligence Assesses in Wed 6 Jan IC Report and in ODNI Thu 7 Jan 2021 letter to Congress—Epoch Times ).

[11:59 PM]

. His info agrees that media broadcast companies have been sending employees home and putting their stations on auto-pilot in preparation for the EBS to be activated as soon as 8 am EST tomorrow morning Wed 20 Jan and many media stations were told to anticipate a public declaration of MARTIAL LAW any time over the next 5 days ( ); he also has the same info as other sources that the White House over the last 24 hours issued Continuity of Government Continuation Warning text messages and emails to key federal govt employees preparing to make an emergency move to alternate sites (outside of DC) ( ); he said this clearly suggests (1) that there will be a transition to an interim govt backed by the military and (2) that DC will no longer be the location of the govt of the restored Republic which will be located somewhere else other than DC.

. His info is that as Trump does a “red carpet roll out event” tomorrow morning Wed 20 Jan, exiting the White House or at Andrews Air Force Base ( ), this will be a Q mark of the beginning of MOABs (Mother-Of-All-Bombs, disclosures of crimes leading to arrests and prosecutions) that Q said would come at the “RED CARPET ROLLOUT”— 24 April 2018 Anon: “When will we have MOAB?” Q #1258 24 April 2018 “Should we tell all the good people watching the day & time? Red carpet rollout? Think logically. The world is watching.

Q (see And )

January 20, 2021

Today at 12:00 AM

. Our guy appreciates all prayers and wants to remind everyone that as POTUS Trump said, THE BEST IS YET TO COME and he confirmed what others have said (Dr. Charlie Ward, Mike Adams, Benjamin Fulford, et al.) that we can be VERY CONFIDENT THAT THE WHITE HATS, THE GOOD GUYS, ARE WINNING, THOUGH it may LOOK LIKE THE OPPOSITE FOR A FEW DAYS!

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