Moving over to Cause


by Jon Davy

A few days ago we published this article

Here’s another Wild Idea: if it was good enough for Thomas Paine . . . at

A fair number of people seemed to like the idea so let’s go over it again.

  1. Our culture and its economy is under attack.
  2. The source of the attack is a “Covid Terror” faction of subversives who have infiltrated our government and whosoever gives them their “advice” or instructions.
  3. This attack comprises the re-branding of a flu or flu-like bug so as to misrepresent it as a deadly epidemic. Then use the pretext of dealing with this fake epidemic to introduce destructive social and economic policies whilst people are still afraid enough to submit to them.
  4. The actual stats of the bug along with the proven  fraudulent use of the PCR test (detailed at length elsewhere) show very clearly that it is NOT the deadly killer epidemic it has been made out to be.
  5. The fraudulent nature of the PCR test alone – the fact that it cannot, does not and never has shown the presence in anyone of a live infectious virus – is the smoking gun that brings the whole hoax crashing down. This fact about the PCR test is NEVER addressed by the PM or any minister or any of the myriad trolls and shills propagandising the government’s deception on FB and Twitter. It is avoided, the arguments are carefully steered elsewhere. The reason for that is that there IS no argument that can defend the PCR test nor the infection, cases and fatality stats and indeed the government’s whole case derived from it.
  6. The mis-portrayal of this bug and its statistics is deliberate. The intention is to create fear and thereby a submission to various measures centred around lockdowns and the crippling of free enterprise that are inflicted so as to “save us” but which are designed to devastate the economy.
  7. Thus at present we see vast areas under severe lockdowns with the resultant destruction of shops and businesses. Those measures and the destruction they cause are based upon an outright lie. Businesses and the life’s work and livelihoods of their owners are being wiped out for nothing.
  8. The government and the vested interests “advising” it only continue to get away with very obvious lies because the mainstream media (newspapers, radio and TV) are colluding with the subversive elements so as to keep alive the hoax.
  9. This means the hoaxers are still able to deceive those who rely on the MSM for their info.
  10. In addition, they are able to some degree to slow down the spread of truth by overtly or covertly engineered internet censorship.
  11. It is necessary therefore to find new ways to reach more people, bypass the censorship and accelerate the spread of the truth.
  12. It is also necessary to enable the shops and small businesses facing ruin to fight back against the suppression and move over from being the enforced effect of criminals posing as government ministers and their advisors to a position of cause.
  13. But walk or drive down any main street or shopping precinct and take a look at the numbers of shop windows where posters can be displayed, the shops still open where leaflets could be placed on their counters for people to pick up.
  14. Imagine those posters and leaflets starting to appear everywhere and reaching the attention of thousands of people who would not otherwise be reached except by the collaborators of a lying media.
  15. The messages can be simple statements of the truth -for example the truth about the PCR test – in terms anyone can understand. They can be drawn up and printed by anyone with a pc and printer.
  16. If enough shopkeeper and business owners and citizen volunteers across every town and village in the country mobilise in this way to dream up and print off such messages and stick them in their windows or place them everywhere they can for the public to see, they are going to reach over time an extraordinary number of people who will normally be cut off from their messages.
  17. If this is done at grass roots level, with people printing off leaflets or small posters on their computers and sticking them in their windows or handing them out or placing them where people can pick them up or even “accidentally” leaving them lying  around in supermarkets, it will have an effect, whilst breaking no laws and bypassing internet censorship. It also avoids endless fruitless arguments where everyone tries to make everyone else wrong and no-one will budge an inch.
  18. Do not underestimate this strategy, for it was the efforts of pamphleteers that played a key role in sparking the French and American revolutions.
  19. If anyone wants the help, I can work out some suggested wording. That could be backed up if needs be by a website with an easily remembered address that gives a data base of clearly and simply put info (nothing too technical or complex). But it does not have to be me. Anyone can do it. It merely has to be (a) honest, (b) matter-of-fact and (c) simply stated.
  20. Moreover, one of my Facebook friends is a freelance graphic artist and offers his help in the layout and design of the leaflets should anyone want it. Just send me a PM on Facebook.
  21. It is entirely within our power to break whatever hold the government’s lie factory still maintains over the People and open the door to an irresistible push for liberty, truth and honest government.Remember, we do not have to do anything to government except make it honest.

Moving over to Cause