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Mask exempt client wins £7,000 from Asda for prejudicial non-service. Tilbrook interviewed.

When Asda (Walmart’s UK subsidiary) refused to serve a certain lady despite her informing them that she could not wear a mask on health grounds, she went straight to her lawyer.  That lawyer was no less than Robin Tilbrook Chair and Founder of the English Democrats, his practice Tilbrooks based in Ongar in Essex.  She won her case on the grounds that Asda had acted with prejudice against her, and was awarded no less than £7000 ($10,000).

Robin Tilbrook acting for the English Democrats is also bringing a case against the government stating that the lockdown is illegal being based on a 1984 statute (Public Health Act) which was solely intended to be used at ports to stop crews from leaving ships which had been placed into quarantine.  The case is very strong and the government lawyers are struggling to defend the legal basis of the government’s lockdown strategy.  The government resorted to the ruse of stating that the lockdown regulations being queried from 2020 had been replaced with new regulations in 2021, which they had been, but as the new regulations are almost exactly the same as the old ones.   Tilbrook successfully argued that the two regulations should be lumped together and considered as a single case, his proposal being accepted by the court.  He is still optimistic of winning the case.

Simon Nolan’s lawyers met the same government defence when they brought a similar case, and they too have entered the same plea to have the current 2021 regulations heard in combination with those of 2020.

Taking a less optimistic angle,  Robin Tilbrook reminds people that many cases were brought in Germany to object to Hitler’s effectively overthrowing the rule of law and democracy in 1933 with the Reichstag op, but these cases were all lost despite being clearly correct in legal terms.

There’s no point in being despondent, Tilbrook says, and it is important to focus on the positive and do what can be done.  There’s no point in dwelling on what cannot be done, he adds.

He is standing for Police Commissioner for Essex.  Police Commissioners have enormous powers he states, and can remove budget from programmes they don’t approve of.  They are responsible for appointing the Chief Constable, and can remove any Chief Constable without giving grounds.  The first choice of  a Police Commissioner for Chief Constable can be rejected by a committee of former councillors, but not the Commissioner’s second choice for Chief Constable.  This system could give rise to some interest strategies in selecting a non-starter as first choice!

As nearly all government regulations and programmes require police enforcement, winning a vote to get appointments of Police Commissioners across Britain could be a very effective strategy, he adds.  No doubt this is why government are so keen to get troops out onto the streets, when there is no democratic control available.  As Tilbrook says, focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do.

He will be forwarding more information to me of the powers of the Police Commissioner as I requested.  Other English Democrat members are standing for Police Commissioner, in other areas.  Greater Manchester a key location where people are heavily dissatisfied with Andy Burnham’s performance and a law-abiding English Democrat Police Commissioner would help the people of Manchester who are currently being sacrificed to political correctness.

I looked up this six month old interview with Robin Tilbrook where he explains the history of England and The English Democrats, including thousand year old state-recognised property rights, regionalisation and prejudice against Englishness – to give more idea of who he is and what he stands for.  There is no other political act to follow in 2021, with Farage sold out to finance, Blair and vaccination.

England makes most of the money in the UK.  Scotland, Wales and Ulster all draw funds from England, Robin adds.

In the comments to the video, The English Democrats are the only party campaigning for Monmouthshire to be given back to to England, Monmouthshire is a county presently recognised as being in Wales, but should instead be classified as part of England since was till 1974 and going by the polls most people in Monmouthshire call themselves English and not Welsh.

TAP – I was born in Wales, live in England and have parents who were both 50% Scottish.  I live in a part of England that was part of Wales two hundred years ago, now contentedly English.  My ancestor Hwyl Dda was the King of Wales who negotiated the creation of England with Aethelstan at the Malmesbury conferences in 925 to 927 AD.  I still own the land bequeathed to our family by Hwyl.  Wales at the moment is lost to the Communists like Drakeford.  England is run by globalists who want depopulation via vaccine.  Robin Tilbrook and his Party are interesting me and he is becoming the only politician who is worth following, with my old partners/heroes all sold out, ageing and have become pathetic spent forces.

If nothing else, enjoy his history.  With Westminster lost to the globalist elites, there has to be other avenues if democracy and property rights are to survive in our land.  Not to mention human life.

As for the EU, Robin points out that all the UK’s financial contribution to the EU was coming from England.  The EU’s aim is/was to break England up.  His description of how English Democrat philosophy developed is interesting.  The EDs cannot get any coverage in the main media and the alternative media is important to the party.