Lockdown permitted by regulations until 31st March under Public Health Act 1984, passed 5th January.


People trying to get round the so-called ‘rules’ of total lockdown.

MPs back in Parliament but the legislation is already in place.  C Bill 122 – statutory instrument has been passed on 5th January 2021 applying to England.  Based on Public Health Act of 1984.

Lockdown permitted until 31st March by the regulation.  Keir Starmer offers nil opposition.  Boris dangling on the end of a string, but failing to get people to lockdown, or be vaccinated.  Failing to please his eugenicist masters.  The Privy Council is the real government bypassing Parliament.  Westminster now being called the ‘English’ government.


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  1. Mick says:

    It would not surprise me if this lockdown lasts until the end of March but is eased after that, because I believe a false false on Easter Day is quite possible, and they need society reopened for a while to make an attack plausible. How could anyone lay the groundwork or plant a bomb if everywhere is closed? Easter falls on 4th April this year, or April 4th in the US, and so 4/4 can be used by both countries. This is why I think the London false flag bombing was done on 7/7.

    I’m not religious but I am spiritual (I think the pagans were closer to the truth) but I do know the Satanist elite want to end Christianity. They pretty much killed Christmas which celebrates the birth of Christ, and an attack on Easter Day would be an attack on the Resurrection of Christ, and that was the whole founding principle of Christianity.

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