How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

No one knows how many people the vaccines are killing – or how many they will kill.

But although I haven’t seen the main stream media mention any of these deaths people have already died after being given the vaccine.

1. A 41-year-old Portuguese mother of two who worked in paediatrics died at a hospital in Porto just two days after being vaccinated against covid-19.
2. Norway is investigating the deaths of two nursing home residents who died after being vaccinated against covid-19.

3. In Florida, US, a doctor died after suffering a stroke after receiving a covid-19 vaccination.

4. A 32-year-old Medical doctor suffered seizures and was paralysed after receiving the covid-19 vaccine.

Those are just a few of the possible deaths and injuries that have followed vaccination.

I have no doubt that the authorities will claim that these deaths were coincidental. But these patients were healthy and died unexpectedly.

And, let us remember, if a patient dies within 28 days of being tested positive for coronavirus (and the test doesn’t mean that the patient even has the disease since most tests are false positives) then the death will be listed as a covid-19 death and the patient will be said to have died `with’ covid-19.

So, by the same token, it is perfectly reasonable to say that if a patient dies or falls ill within 28 days of being vaccinated then the death or illness was related to the covid-19 vaccine.

Will the mainstream media ever start recording these deaths or illnesses? Or are journalists going to continue to promote the official government line – and to deny, distort or suppress the truth?

How many people have to die before the media wakes up?

Death of Florida Doctor

Doctor is paralyzed after…

Portuguese health worker 41 dies…

Norway investigating death of two people who…


6 Responses to “How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?”

  1. ian says:

    Soon, the vaccinated who catch a real virus will die, but it will be blamed on Covid, and will be blamed on the anti-vaccers.

  2. Adam Antiam says:

    The vaccines, flu and etcetera are the viruses. No virus exists outside the human body, it is merely a response to an outside influence, such as a vaccine poison and is the cleansing process to expel the poison and dead cells.
    Hence the name influenza, which literally means outside influence.
    The second wave/ mutation occurred after millions received the flu virus and/or Covid poisons

    • Tapestry says:

      The mutation coincided with Brexit, the US so-called elections and the fact that more and more people have tired of the fear porn from COVID and it needed a shot in the arm if you’ll forgive the pun. It also coincided with the arrival of the various vaccines which are now making million s seriously ill. The vaccine is the bullet in this war – flu and COVID versions both. In WW1 more soldiers died of vaccine than bullets. In this WW3 the weapons are so well hidden, most have no idea they’re being shot.

  3. Adam Antiam says:

    Vaccine comes from Vacca as in Cow. The first Vaccine (poisonous God) was when Moses melted down the Golden Calf (Cow God) and put it into the drinking water, so that they could truly worship their false God. Taking the Vacca into your life blood is literally making the false god a part of you, just sayin

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