Happy New Year!

From 2021 we will decide for ourselves how the world is to be understood – and rename the WHO the “World Hoax Organization”.

On January 23, 2020, after several attempts and years of rehearsals, the gene sequences tailored by Christian Drosten were ennobled by the WHO as the dress of fear and its molecular definition.

Since then, the enemy has always been where the Drosten PCR tests and the copies that flood the market track him down. And if you test a lot with it, you will find a lot of enemies. The fact that among the alleged enemies found in this way hardly anyone does anything bad and the enemy is known to be peaceful has long since ceased to play a role in the fear machine, which is running at full speed. Doctors, laboratory practices, some large laboratories and test producers, such as Roche AG, reap different proportions of the billions that are squandered for such unnecessary and unsuitable tests (approx. 1.5 million tests per week in Germany alone).

The first episode of this pandemic story with test and virus had really shocked and changed the world in a short time. Stronger than a big hurricane or a huge military coup – but much more peaceful and much more lucrative for the narrator. After a short break in summer, the “Second Wave” came with the title “Everyone is waiting for the vaccine”.

There were reports of new vaccinations, of which we are not yet exactly sure what effects they will produce, but we are promised that they will restore us to a new freedom and free us from fear – at least until the next hostile virus – out of the first Redeem history. The vaccination industry is happy because it wants to sell vaccinations.

The name of the third episode cannot yet be said because of the incomplete admission studies. It will be something dramatic though.

Tedros Ghebreyesus, who became head of the WHO despite the incriminating genocide allegations, has just announced that plans have been made to expand this corona soap story into a series with an as yet undetermined number of episodes. The titles of the series are “The next pandemic is definitely coming!” Or “After the pandemic is before the pandemic”. Yes, WHO makes history with its stories. So far it has caused a lot of damage, destroyed livelihoods and divided humanity into those who want to feel protected in their fear and those who see themselves deprived of their freedoms and deceived by the measures.

The WHO is originally a UN agency. In the meantime, however, this has become something of a disguise, because it generates, as part of a private-public-health partnership that has been developing for 20 years as a greenwash institution for drug and vaccine investors and with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, from the Wellcome Trust and other pandemic bestsellers use most of their resources as fearmongers.

In addition, numerous spin-offs, for example with the World Bank, with groups from the pharmaceutical industry or other interested parties, with the involvement of selected researchers, journalists and politicians, help in the development and dissemination of new vaccination stories.

The synchronized Davos Great Reset story also seems like a dream of frustrated money bags who already have everything and who are now buying politics and scientists in order to be able to play golf in peace with colleagues from the Communist Party of China all over the world . What a flat story.

But dear friends, we still live in a democracy and have not yet adopted the Chinese model. So we are all responsible for what happens in our country and what doesn’t.

We are therefore writing the new 2030 Agenda. Without corruption in politics and science. Fortunately, we cannot afford that at all. Simply through better stories. And we’ll start with that today.

The WHO has shown that you can change a lot with simple new definitions. She could repeatedly inflate a normal flu to a pandemic and sow fear and horror.

Or she just ingeniously redefined herd immunity and made something out of it that can only be produced through vaccinations. So immunity = vaccination certificate. What a breathtaking business idea. But that’s not healthy.
And always this torture of children with the masks.

The WHO has experience with narratives, but – they are the wrong ones. On such short lying legs, health starts to shake.

That should stop! The Council of Europe said that after the swine flu, but that was it. Now let’s be confident and write our story.

If the WHO simply defines pandemics and herd immunity in a way that suits its sponsors’ business, then WE have to name it and first of all give the abbreviation “WHO” a new name that corresponds to the content and the principle of action. Big Pharma is fighting with that WHO against fake drugs, we go further and fight a fake WHO.

At the beginning of the year, the meaning of the abbreviation “WHO” is changed to:
As with medicine packs, it must be written on what is inside.
Therefore, it is a renaming, which serves to protect the health of the world population from further dangerous sham pandemics.

We should formally notify the public and WHO.

Health, strength and all the best in the new year.

Wolfgang Wodarg