Gov false Covid claims rumbled



by Jon Davy

Per the following article, the pathologically dishonest gang of subversives posing as our government have spent over £100 million of OUR money on advertising that forwards the blitz of untruths, half truths and falsified stats to which the poor ruddy citizen is being subjected morning noon and night.

Which is to say YOU have being paying the (haha) government to lie to you.

Of course, you were not given a choice in the matter: the money was taken from you through taxation and then wasted by irresponsible loons without your consent upon a program designed to do your head in.

In other words, you have been mugged and the muggers have the used the proceeds of the mugging to subject you to false advertising designed to scare the crap out of you.

Do you ever get tired of being routinely shafted by devious scum?

It looks like the Advertising Standards Agency is one of the few government agencies still doing its job in so far as they have approached the Cabinet Office to inform BJ and his henchmen they have been rumbled.

Note though that the gov is still going to run the offending false ads for a week so as to get as much lying in as possible before it finally, reluctantly, takes them down.

They are FALSE. The government admitted it without argument, which tells us they knew all along they had nothing to back up their false assertions (but made them anyway) so how come they are not taken down immediately?

Or how come the various radio stations and so forth running the ads do not immediately cease and desist from running them if they know they are lying to their public?

I think you can probably guess the answer to that one.

It would be much more of a help to the nation if the gov could see its way to (a) stop the continual compulsive lying and show some respect for its citizens (b) not spending hundreds of millions of pounds of our money on campaigns designed to reduce us to cowering fear of a bug of the same order of magnitude as a nasty flu and (c) spend it instead on something helpful.

Such as, for instance, a campaign to educate the citizenry on how to boost their immune systems using proven nutritional methods, a campaign to educate people on the serious health consequences – such as the weakening of their immune defences etc –  of eating shite, alongside a campaign to improve the shielding of the small percentage of people truly at risk and so on and so forth.

But that is asking common sense and honesty of a crew that are neither capable of nor interested in either.

Here is the article.


Government pulls ad that states joggers are ‘highly likely to have Covid-19’

Cabinet Office has told the ASA the disputed claim will not be repeated.

The UK government has chosen to discontinue a radio ad that says joggers are “highly likely to have Covid-19”.

After being contacted by the Advertising Standards Authority, the Cabinet Office has said the disputed claim will not be repeated.

The ASA received complaints about the 30-second radio ad that begins: “Someone jogging, walking their dog or working out in the park is highly likely to have Covid-19. This is a national health emergency.”

ASA rules require that advertisers hold robust documentary evidence to prove claims that are capable of substantiation.

Following a conversation, the Cabinet office worked to “swiftly address and resolve the matter without the need for formal investigation”, the ASA said in a statement, “we consider the matter closed”.

The ASA said it had been assured by the Cabinet Office that the ad would be discontinued by early next week.

The story was first reported by The Telegraph.

The watchdog is also assessing complaints about other Covid-related ads, including a poster about takeaway coffee headlined “Don’t let a coffee cost lives”.

Earlier this month the UK government revived its “Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives” slogan and aired a TV ad featuring England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty.

In November Campaign reported the spend on Covid-19 messaging had hit £100m.

Gov false Covid claims rumbled