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The constitutional republic called America is threatened at present. The federal national government was established in 1787 and later revised to include limits that require honoring God-given rights of citizens. Now, reports indicate treasonous domestic interests have linked with foreign powers in a conspiracy to defeat the Constitution’s design for fair elections in the November 3 presidential election and in the January 5 Georgia elections for U. S. senators. Millions of Americans and others worldwide are fervently interested in assuring those elections were fair – not fraudulent.

     For those who may think Trump has been defeated – has even conceded defeat – in the U. S. presidential election of November 3, 2020, neither assertion is true.  President Trump and his family departed the White House after the counting of electoral votes on January 6-7 and have been in secure military facilities since that time, except for his recent visit to the wall along the southern border.

The Vatican Military Satellites

     The president is dealing with matters including the role in recent U. S. elections of military satellites owned by Italy and leased to the Vatican. Those military satellites were discovered to have transmitted data to Dominion Voting Systems machines so as to change and manipulate vote counts to benefit the Democrat candidate(s) and to defeat the Republican candidate(s), in both the November 3 presidential election and the January 5 Georgia run-off elections for U. S. Senate seats.

     Certain other European officials and governments, including United Kingdom, France and Germany, may also be involved. Early reports indicate they may have acted in league with Americans, including politicians, in conspiracies and actions to determine the winners of recent American elections by overriding the choices of qualified voters.

Obama Subversion Account

     In addition, reports indicate that Barack Obama, while acting as U. S. president in 2016, secretly diverted into a Vatican bank account the sum of $400 million taken from funds falsely reported as transmitted to Iran under terms of the Iran nuclear deal. Whether Iran was aware of the diversion or concurred in it are unstated presently. The $400 million account allegedly was placed under Obama’s control to cover costs of undercutting Trump’s presidency and removing him from office.

     Who knew of the Vatican bank account and acted to advance its purposes? Nancy Pelosi, herself a Catholic, was Minority Leader in the House during the time Obama negotiated the Iran deal. Joe Biden was Vice President and John Kerry was Secretary of State. HRC was campaigning as shoo-in to be the next president. John Brennan was director of “The Company” and James Clapper was director of national intelligence. Would Obama have left all or any of these players out of the loop on a matter of such importance?

Other Foreign Players

     One should not assume that Italy and Vatican are the only significant foreign players who knowingly assisted the stealing of America’s elections held November 3 (for president) and January 5 (for two Georgia senators). Operatives in United Kingdom, City of London, France, Germany and, most importantly, China, are potentially to be, or may have been, identified as participants.

     China is reported to have financed Dominion Voting Systems in a $400 million transaction (there’s that number again) within months before the November 3 presidential election. This is a foreign intrusion into American national sovereignty so offensive that it likely will not be excused. The Trump administration has already renewed relations directly with the government of Taiwan, thereby abandoning the “One China” policy adopted by previous U. S. governments.

Risks and Opportunities

     President Trump well understands that China’s hostility to his policies emanates from the same globalist cabal which imposes the Federal Reserve on America and the Chinese Communist Party on China. As this is written, Trump’s American military forces are believed to be at the brink of launching actions against principals and operatives of the globalists cabal in America and elsewhere.

     If these Trump-led actions succeed in deposing cabalist sponsors of the Deep State in America and in Europe, might these same actions not have a collateral benefit of relieving the cabal’s CCP grip on China? That was the case to a limited extent in North Korea when Trump assisted in relieving NK of Deep State control there for a time. In any event, China’s interference in the American election likely will evoke a response commensurate with this covert, concerted effort to subvert and to overthrow our constitutional government through collusion with domestic traitors.

Treason And Politics: Do Not Mix

     Democrats and globalist Republicans presently are following their customary modus operandi by accusing President Trump of insurrection; i.e., they accuse their opponent of the crime they have committed. They have colluded with each other and with foreign powers to defeat the sanctity of honest elections in America. Specifically, they have schemed and acted with foreign enemies in a scheme to deprive Americans of their most important elected leader so as to overthrow and destroy our constitutional government.

President Trump, with the lawful aid of federal military and intelligence capabilities, has discovered the treasonous actions which undertook to steal the presidential election and the two Senate seats of Georgia. Regardless of party, any person who knowingly aided and abetted that objective faces a serious criminal indictment.

These actions appear to be concerted action in the nature of insurrection. President Trump may have signed a declaration invoking the Insurrection Act after receiving an investigative report compiled under an executive order signed in 2018 to protect against election fraud. The insurrectionists hope to evade capture and prosecution by accusing Trump of their crimes and capturing him before they themselves are arrested. That is a risk to Americans, but very unlikely to be the outcome.
The Approaching Resolution

The duly elected president still in office continues to have the support of military forces and will put down the insurrection successfully. Then the re-elected Donald J. Trump will be sworn into office as president for a second term based upon comprehensive proof of his re-election, the defeated scheme to steal the election with fraudulent ballots, and electronic flipping of votes from Trump to Biden. That is expected to occur on January 20 at the White House. 
Do not despair. Be hopeful.
Pending that event, you may anticipate some period of interruption (perhaps several days) in availability of ordinary communications, which federal authorities may determine to be necessary while dealing with the insurrection. If that occurs, you may anticipate communications from President Trump through the Emergency Broadcast System, which has been tested for such uses from time to time as commonly experienced.

     Also, as a matter of continuing importance, Simon Parkes recently ended an update on current affairs by commenting that a return to the gold standard (necessarily including an end to the Federal Reserve) is a priority on the list of objectives to be accomplished in the second presidential term of Donald Trump.

Matters discussed above are opinions based in part upon information believed to be reliable, and are subject to change based upon intervening events and newly discovered evidence.