Do not believe any of the hopium that some people are still posting

It really looks like America is going down. The only thing that has any chance at all of preventing the following post is civil war. PROBLEM, and I mean BIG PROBLEM: The FBI (or whoever) staged the capitol riot. That should be old news to anyone who knows about a site like this one, however, many Americans do not know that and stupid Viking guy looked so horrible that embarrasment alone will be enough to stop good people from doing the right thing, “because only nutcases do that”. Now the FBI has even bigger riots for all 50 state capitols, and LET ME GUESS: Some, if not all, will be “led” by similar clowns to make it all look ridiculously stupid. And they’ll TOTALLY LOSE like pre-schoolers because the FBI will never present any such action with honor.

Since they are doing this, why on earth would they ever make having it look convincing part of the plan? that might inspire people to follow suit. That’s not what they want.

BE WELL ADVISED: THERE ARE NO ARMED STATE CAPITOL INVASIONS PLANNED BY REAL PEOPLE, it is ALL the FBI and don’t even think about going there and walking into that trap.

The following is what is coming. This probably will happen because despite the fact that many Americans WOULD stop this, the Bolsheviks have weaponized AI this time around and will therefore have the perfect solution to everything ready to go before people even have a chance to act. And another huge problem is that despite being told repeatedly they can’t talk around their phones, their cars, or in some cases even the microwave any more, they still will and any real threat will get driven at 120 mph into a tree. People just are not aware of what can be done.

An anonymous Russian warns of what is to come

Below I publish the rules most of us practiced for survival while living in the Soviet Union. Learn, please, if you think it will be useful for you (if you do not escape to New Zealand).

I am aware of “Russia, Russia” screams from the Democrats in the last years, but those are just foolish screams of ignorant people. What is coming will devastate them as much as you and I.

Those are irrelevant to the advice I am giving you here, once the US is entering a very special era of socialism and total control/punishment, it is the end of the American Dream.

Here are the rules we followed in the USSR (not sure what will be applicable, but you need to know and practice in advance):

1. Stop expressing ANY your private opinion publicly. You should express happiness and smiles, and not words, all the time when you are in public. You are a builder of Communism.

All your private thoughts are just for you, not for others. Remember – if you discuss anything private with your spouse in your own kitchen – that can be reported during a divorce for a larger alimony, or for promotion at work, or for other favors for her. Please be sane and restrictive in what you say out loud. NO, I am happily married for 30Y, but I have to be cautious now going forward, USA or not. NO, I am not paranoid, it is just new era for the USA (old for us, immigrants).

2. Please follow your leaders and memorize what they say. This is important, as this is what you should repeat when you talk in public or in private about politics, or even with a friend – and if you recognize that someone says the same as other communist’s leaders say – cheer.

If you do not cheer, you will be blamed for not being politically correct. Your friend or your wife or your neighbour will report you. He/she will be rewarded, you will go to jail/gulag/FEMA camp forever.

3. If – God forbid – your child says something that is not in-line with the Communist Party line (at kindergarten or school) you will loose your job, your place of living, and – your child. Please be cautious in what you train your child to say once your teach him or her. What is permissible to say or not should be very clear. Please be politically correct at home.

4. Never complain about what you have – job, work, home, wife, child (children). If you are not happy you immediately become a dangerous element. You will be eliminated.

5. NEVER read books or whatever is not allowed. I, once, have seen an outside cover of a prohibited by the USSR Communalist Party book. The person who was carrying it secretly (16 years old girl) has spent 2 days at KGB solitary cell, I have spent there about 4 hours – I was not dangerous as I did not read the book. 2 adults were sent to Siberia for the incident (parents, and not mine).

6. Remember, all elections are fair and right. If you ever doubt, god bless your dead body. Seriously, please never talk about it. Everybody knows anyway – elections are fair.

7. Play stupid always when you talk to your boss, especially if he/she is in the Party.

Basically, it is it, for our immediate future.

Thank you for reading, we are all together in this.


A disaster apparently happened overnight

FACT: Late last night Pelosi showed up and somehow Congress was in session.


Probable fact: Under those conditions, she found a way to invoke the 25th even without the approval of Pence. Trump may be ousted today.

There have been several prophecies that the 45th president of the United States would either not happen or not finish his term, and that there will be no subsequent presidents (if I remember that right), we will have to see how this goes.

I woke up at 4:30 after not sleeping well because I could feel something was horribly wrong. I searched and searched for why, and finally at around 6 I discovered this on the timebomb2000 forum, and it is legit. No one else had the story yet. Pelosi showed up and apparently did this while everyone else needed was mysteriously there.

At this point, we need about 90 percent of congress and 7 supreme court justices either jailed or dead. How is that going to happen? I think we are looking at “game over”, and a reality that the prophecies that America would be gone at this time were probably right.

Worse, those who have stolen this country have openly stated they want anyone who resisted them wiped out. And they are the ones who historically have committed the worst of all genocides. When they took Russia, they had the spanish flu, which is now all but confirmed to have been spread via tainted shots. It looks like, as usual, history is again repeating itself. History repeats because their methods do not change.

Trump “lost” the election? Here is the appropriate response to anyone saying Trump lost:

“If a thief steals your wallet, you did not lose it.” It is as simple as that. Trump lost NOTHING.

MGGA: Make God Great Again

Decide on heaven or hell now, because the bolshevik revolution WILL happen, and they are openly stating they are going to destroy us.

I cannot understand why the military is going along with this steal while the people who performed this steal have openly stated they are going to “remove every last Trump supporter from society”. The only way to accomplish that is detention camps and genocide. And I am calling a spade a spade. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS SPADE.


Anyone who claims something is going to save us is beginning to look delusional, the writing is MORE THAN ON THE WALL, IT HAS BEEN SENT OUT TO ALL THE TROOPS. Try to change that. No one can. And this incoming administration has made it very clear they are going to destroy the white race. If there EVER was a message to prepare, this letter to the military is it. PREPARE.

The FBI is prepping to send out 4,000 agents to pose as Trump supporters.