Criminal Correlation Between Vaxxtermination Roll-Out & ‘COVID Deaths’

The Bernician – Jan 12, 2021

Over the course of the past few weeks, evidence has arisen which shows that there appears to be a direct correlation between the roll-out of the vaxxtermination agenda and the sudden spike in what the UK government claims to be ‘COVID deaths’.

FOI Request For Government’s Definition of ‘Vaccine’

When BoJo’s office was asked in an FOI request to disclose the definition of ‘vaccine’ the government is relying upon, the Cabinet Office replied thus:

“I am writing to advise you that following a search of our paper and electronic records, I have established that the information you requested is not held by the Cabinet Office.”

This is clearly because if they admit that a vaccine is –

“A preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, or of a portion of the pathogen’s structure that upon administration to an individual stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection.”

  • they would be unable to con the public and the medical professions into believing that the COVID jabs can truthfully be described as such, on the ground that it is already well documented that they are more than capable of causing strokes, heart attacks, paralysis, cancer and sudden death.

Premeditated Criminal Destruction

Make no mistake about it, as I have been shouting from the rooftops since the start of COVID-1984, the primary purpose of the scamdemic is to reduce the human population of the Earth by up to 95%, in order to hit UN dictated carbon dioxide emissions targets by no later than 2030. The genocide of Kissinger’s ‘useless eaters’ by another chilling name.

As the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab has openly stated, those who survive The Great Reset will be happy to exist as property-less slaves of the self-appointed banking elite, in an international communist, totalitarian dictatorship of Huxwellian proportions, the foundations of which have already been laid.

Having destroyed the entire national economy in nine months, whilst making tax-exempt billionaires even richer on the proceeds of open imprisonment by unaccountable government decree, they are now threatening to make everything that makes life worth living a criminal offence.

Having wrecked the lives of our children, as well as traumatising them with the fear-inducing psychological warfare that has tens of millions in it’s malicious grasp, they are now threatening to criminalise vaccine refusal.

Having already committed mass murder in the care homes and the hospital wards, simply by refusing palliative care to those who needed it most, care home residents are dropping like flies, shortly after receiving the WHO approved flu and COVID jabs.

Just like they did after being injected with the previous year’s flu shots.

Mathematical Correlation

It is therefore just in the nick of time, given the continuation of this COVID-1984 dystopian nightmare, that I have what can only be described as truly brilliant news to share, despite the entailed horrors of uncovering compelling evidence that genocide by lethal injection is taking place before our eyes.

The prolific and brilliant mathematician, Andrew Mather, just sent this message to tenacious Mark Oakford, the indomitable Scouse polymath I’m working with on the vaccine deaths data:

“That surge from 14 September to 21 November mirrors the flu vaccine roll-out. That’s the kind of indisputable coincidence we need.”

In other words my fellow freedom fighters, Andrew is now able to testify in the Private Criminal Prosecution that he can mathematically demonstrate the correlation Mark and I have identified [with the invaluable assistance of the courageous researcher who provided us with the incriminating data from the WHO], between the flu vaxx roll-out and the surge in alleged COVID deaths.

Criminal Fraud & Mass Murder Charges

That means we can move forward on mass murder charges against the defendants, as well as charges of fraud by false representation and non-disclosure, knowing we can prove all the allegations beyond reasonable doubt, with bundles of irrefutable prima facie evidence.

On the basis that we managed to predict the recent surge in deaths before they happened, using the data leaked from the WHO – 377 deaths per 100,000 healthy adults – and from the other data we’ve seen thus far, that mortality rate is mirrored across the world.

Nevertheless, now we have enough ammunition to take the lying, treacherous, murdering bastards down, with both expert witness testimony and nuclear powered, facts-based, legal rhetoric.

We also have the support of an ever-growing number of judges, QC’s, clerks, barristers, lawyers, doctors, professors, nurses, dentists, academics, journalists, comedians, writers, data analysts, whistle-blowers, broadcasters, entrepreneurs, soldiers, veterans and even ex-bankers.

All of us are united in a singular cause – whatever it takes, no matter how long the struggle is destined to last, we have dedicated what remains of our lives to restoring truth, justice and freedom for the sake of everybody’s children.

For the purposes of which, the People’s Union of Britain, standing under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust and Magna Carta 2020, will lay information in the Private Criminal Prosecution against the accused, as soon as the final allegations have drafted, taking into account the very latest available data.

Stay Connected When Big Tech Deplatforms

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Unless and until that happens, rest assured that the next COVID-1984 PCP Update will be published as soon as we are ready to make our move against this white-collar criminal cartel, before they attempt to suspend the Common Law Jury Trial, in one last ditch attempt to avert justice.

Thank you so much for your vociferous, loyal and passionate support of the case, which has emerged as the only realistic hope we have of peacefully ending the tyranny of COVID-1984 on these ancient shores.

There is no white knight in shining armour coming to save us from this murderous tyranny and this is no time for petty differences. Now is the moment that all those who consider themselves members of the British resistance, to unite under one common cause – the restoration of our sovereign birthrights, the securing of our children’s future and the dissolution of criminal government.


Criminal Correlation Between Vaxxtermination Roll-Out & ‘COVID Deaths’

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