Covid19 psyop – how to join the counter-offensive


by Jon Davy

So many of us have woken up to the fact that we are in a war for the future of our nations.

We are in a war because we have come under attack from forces of suppression infiltrated into our own governments using the “emergency” of the faked-up “Covid” pandemic as the justification to achieve what it once took hostile armies to do: bring the economy crashing in ruins and render the target nation ungovernable.

This has resulted in a massive expansion of the freedom movement as citizens across the social spectrum have awoken and responded both to the danger and the transparency of the lies that have justified it.

In 2021 the massive economic damage inflicted  upon the nation and its sense of security and standard of living is really going to make itself felt and it is going to HURT.

It had not begun to hurt much as yet and thus many people are uncertain of their response, the extent of the destruction brought to their lives and to which their own government has revealed its position as their enemy.

That will change as things progress, as the  economic security that many have been reluctant to give up will be taken from them anyway and the boat they have been unwilling to rock is scuppered under them.

As it begins to really hurt, then more and more and more people will alientate from the government and the deviants at Suppression Central pulling the government’s strings.

The Freedom Movement will expand and expand and expand.

We have already seen this happen whilst things are still relatively mild. What is going to happen when the standard of living plummets, work and wealth creation are pared down to subsistence and liberty is snatched away – or when the full health impact of thier dodgy vaccines makes itself felt?

What will happen as fewer and fewer doctors or cops or soldiers or even journalists are willing to collaborate with the enemy action against their own country, neibhours, friends and families?

Our mission therefore is to do all in our power to mobilise and assist the counter-offensive that is now shaping up as we recover from this surprise attack.

This includes accelerating the expansion of our grass roots movement and the growth in its raw numbets to the point where we have the subverted government and a handful of collaborators on one side of the fence and  everybody else on the other.

That recruitment drive will be greatly assisted by the clear and obvious fakery and ridiculousness of the government’s assertions and the transparency of its lies and rigged statistics that no amount of gloss by its collaborators in the media can long hide.

The use of the social mnedis IS valid, although agents for Suppression Central will seek to discourage you from using that tool for rapidly spreading ideas and information. We should pour coals on its use.

There are many flanking actions we can do to accelerate the spread of our message, to ADD other actions to those of the social media and form a vociferous challenge to a MSM few really trust or believe in any case.

One very simole action is to print out punchy leaflets and place them everywhere: in our windows, in our shops, in our cars, even handing them out in th street or “accidentally” leaving them in supermarkets or on public transport.

Here is a link to one such leaflet that has been designed to be SIMPLE, PUNCHY, easy to remember and cheap and easy to print off on your computer’s printer. Print off a few copies – whatever you can afford – and go stick them on in your car, or wherever you want. If thousands of you do this, soon the message is going to be seen EVERYWHERE.

It links to a simple website where people can get more info and they can then make up their own minds quietly and without getting into arguments where everybody makes everybody else wrong and none will lose face by budging an inch. The website will be upgraded to better hone it to this purpose.


One is either at CAUSE or at EFFECT. The entire effort of the boys at Suppression Central is to place you at effect. Simple actions like these place you at CAUSE and, apart from anything else, annoy the hell of out them.

Here is the link:

Have fun!

Link to the pdf Covid 19 poster A4_flyer

Link to PDF for A5  size (two per sheet) Leaflet A5


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  1. Occams says:

    Still using Goolag?

    Don’t be surprised if your document AND your website simply disappear, as have so many who STILL haven’t figure out Google IS your enemy.

    ‘Bing is a search engine. Google is a weapon’.

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