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Covid19 BIG HUSH MONEY USA $2.2 Trillion CARES Act

How many of you are aware of the following?


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT – please read and share to dispel fear

NARRATOR [N] Hospitals were paid to diagnose covid. That’s one incentive to keep this thing going.

Dr. Annie Buracek [Dr] Correct.

N: Lack of evidence this virus even exists, CDC admitting tests are flawed, and more and more doctors speaking the truth. Why then, is the false narrative pressing on? I think about the financial angle in all of this. Recently you wrote an open letter to your local board of health and in it you said “If I had known about the financial incentives for diagnosing covid19 at that time, I would have included that in my talk.”

N: What else is there in terms of incentives that we didn’t cover the first time?

Dr: We talked about extra money paid for patients who are admitted, Medicare dollars given to hospitals and doctors for admitting someone with covid19, and if they get on a ventilator. It’s $13,000 for the diagnosis if they are admitted, and $39,000 if they are put on a ventilator.

There is also the CARES Act 2020. Whatever the payment is for that hospitalization they get 20% more than that if they can attach covid to it.

40% of the people in Montana have been tested at this point, over 400 million. And if they’re making $100 per test there’s millions of dollars being made just to do the testing.

There is also a lot of money being made locally by doctors, hospitals, clergy, and nursing home administrators, teachers, and the public school system. That is one thing most people don’t realize, and the biggest portion of those payments, and we’re talking billions of dollars nation wide, comes from the CARES Act 2020.

We knew early on that people were being incentivized to not work. Individuals, everyday folks were getting $600, $1,200, $2,400 but the bulk of the CARES Act 2020 money is not going to everyday people. A sizeable portion is actually going to banks, and on a local level a lot is going to hospitals, doctors, clergy, churches, nursing home administration.

Just with the PPP, paycheck protection plan, $7.9 billion was given to churches, clergy, and that’s just for PPP. There are other payments they got probably upwards of $12, 13, $14 billion given to clergy.

So when people see their churches are sill closed down, or you see some that opened and they’re closing down again, there’s a very good chance they’re getting paid to do that. They’re getting money. They’re getting government dollars. People need to go to their pastors, and go to their accountants if their church is still closed down after all this time, and ask how much money are you making to abandon your parishioners? In my opinion.

N: And how much longer do you expect us to continue tithing?

Dr: Yes, exactly. That’s what people need to do on that level.

Hospitals and doctors, $175 billion dollars was given through CARES Act 2020 in addition to other little perks. $175 billion given to hospitals and doctors. So doctors on the ‘front lines’ self sacrificing, heroic doctors working in empty hospitals. The hospitals were empty for 3 months but they were collecting money from the government … $175 billion.

N: And we can assume that money is not doled out quite as freely to any doctor who doesn’t follow the covid protocols.

Dr: Yeah, and a lot of it is going to administrators. I don’t think it’s trickling down. There were some articles on that, where you could see it was the administrators who were getting it. $175 billion to hospitals and doctors.

And the nursing homes. That’s something we talked about briefly the last time, it’s the torment of older people in nursing homes, going without seeing family month after month.

I thought at one point they were well intentioned and misguided but then I find out that $4.9 billion was given to nursing homes. So, when they’re isolating grandma and grandpa from their kids, grand kids, and great grand kids there’s a financial incentive to do that, they’re getting paid to do that.

Close to upwards of $20 billion went to public schools from the CARES Act.

There is also money that went to governors, like our governor in Montana got $1.25 billion, and he’s doled out over $400 million of it. $90 million of it went to public schools. There’s a lot of money to be made to shut down the schools, keep parishioners away from each other, keep nursing home residents away from their people [family], there is financial incentive for that.

Most people don’t know that. All you have to do is type in ‘CARES Act 2020 reimbursement’

A nursing home in El Paso that got $20 million.

There are a lot of nursing homes making a lot of money to torture and torment elderly people.

N: It’s the governor’s prerogative to decide how that money is spent.

Dr: Correct. It’s at his/her discretion.

And there’s a lot of money, millions of dollars going to city council. Until I started following the money it perplexed me why our city council and our mayor, health department, [?] boards, when we went to their meetings, why they weren’t interested in the good news … we really don’t have a problem in Montana; they were not interested. I would present my data based on CDC data. They would just glaze over it and smile and nod, and it was perplexing to me. Once I found out the financial incentives it all made sense.

The paper said over 50 of us went to a city council meeting and they shut down the meeting because we weren’t masked. They felt they were in danger. So, ever since that meeting they haven’t been letting the public in. They’re sitting in that room, 9 or 10 of them with their masks on, 6 feet apart, and the public is not allowed in BECAUSE THEY ARE GETTING PAID TO DO THAT KIND OF THING! They are making money keeping the public out and continuing the fear mongering. There is a lot of money being made.

The CARE Act was $2.2 trillion. Trillions of dollars, and it’s being given out, and it’s basically having the effect of promoting the fear mongering.

N: Would you say I am mischaracterizing it if I say all this money, all this big money, is just WHOLESALE BRIBERY to keep the fear mongering going, and keep the whole thing moving?

Dr: I think that is a legitimate explanation. HUSH MONEY, I’ve heard people use that term. Hush money for the doctors.

N: With all this bribery going on, with the fear mongering continuing, you could say it’s a huge uphill battle.

Dr: It is.

N: Speaking of our last interview, one of the things that hit me is that hospitals were being paid to diagnose covid.

Dr: Correct. END

CDC Vindicates Dr. Bukacek and indicts Itself

Dr. Annie Bukacek was among the first to publicly shine a light on the real virus currently plaguing humanity, which is the Global Reaction to COVID-19, and not the alleged virus itself.

Same covid script planet wide

Covid is a global coup so investigate local ‘hush money’ doled out to sustain fear mongering, and covid restrictions that violate supreme laws of the land where you live.

How many times, and in how many ways were we forewarned?

1979 sci-fi pandemic movie English subtitles


Invite unaware individuals to dispel their fear by examining Dr. Annie’s findings, and in so doing, align with other informed individuals to end the scandemic and free ourselves to create a world of coherence, peace, justice and freedom. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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