COPIED & PASTED from A “front line” NURSE PRACTITIONER.. Speaking out on Facebook
... Basically you would have to be brain dead already to submit – but judging from the number of people willingly restricting their oxygen intake, I’d say there are already MANY who will and are offering themselves up for this invasive PROCEDURE – because it’s NOT a test for Covid.
 IT doesn’t exist! We are “testing” for 2 things, – your submission to willingly have your body violated and for the pretence of finding fragments of previous cold remnants. NOT for Covid 19. This assault is dangerous! This information comes from my colleague doctors. 
Brain access, is through the nose. The test has another purpose than what the drug pushers say! Inserting a test bar deeply into the nose, causes haematoencephal barrier damage and can also damage endocrine glands (e.g. hypophysis). 
That’s why testing hurts so much! The purpose of this deep violation, is to break the barrier and create an entry into the brain for every infection. When wearing a mouth and nose mask, bacteria and CO2 mask are collected and transported to the brain through the nose channel. 
Barrier’s task is to protect from brain neurotoxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other toxins. If endocrine glands are damaged, symptoms such as muscle weakness, blood circulation, visual disturbances etc. may develop. 
There is no legal basis for this physical intervention and it is a mass violation of physical immunity! Wake up to the assault. YOU are being violated along with your rights, No wonder so many “covid survivors” have long term issues. 
Anyone would after being subjected to this most sensitive body violation! Anyone who would submit to this needs to wake UP!


  1. Occams says:

    And try getting admitted to a hospital without this ‘test’.

    The hospital KNOWS it’s BS but want that positive for the cash, and they KNOW that (in the US) you cannot be forced into any medical procedure you don’t agree to, but…..

    They ALSO know that there isn’t ANY legal recourse – at the moment – so ‘submit’ – or do without.

    I was denied pre-surgery meds by the manager at Vons for no mask (the upcoming surgery is WHY I can’t and don’t wear a mask), and I reported this GROSS violation the Dept of Justice, who, after 4 months, ‘decided there was no reason to pursue the matter’ of my being denied by a non-medical person who manages a store!

    Wow. Just wow.

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