Covid cures suppressed to create want for dodgy vaccines


by Craig Congress

Check out this video and this doctor’s desperate plea.

Here is YET ANOTHER (Ivermectin)highly effective remedy for COVID19 alongside other remedies such as Hydroxychloroquine.– not to mention even better solutions such as Vits C and D in conjunction with zinc and so on.

We are not short of remedies for COVID19 but these remedies are being kept out of play to keep the road clear for rushed, incompletely trialed and tested vaccines with unknown long-term consequences that are then presented as our “only hope”.

Why? What’s the hidden motivation?

Most people are not under much threat from Covid19 – no more than they are from a seasonal flu bug.

But, as indeed with any flu or similar bug, there is a demographic that can have a really hard time if they catch it. These are people who are in frail condition due to old age and/or existing serious illness.

For them, the prospect of catching Covid19 or any other flu is a frightening life-threatening scenario and in the absence of any other option, one can understand why they would grab at the chance of a vaccine even though the safety and efficacy of the vaccine is in doubt. It is a case of any port in a storm – if they have no other option.

Cures, then, such as Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and so forth, if fully deployed would greatly reduce the demand and need for a vaccine even among the relatively small demographic actually in serious danger from the Covid and other flu bugs.

One can understand that those pushing for the population to submit en mass to their vaccines would prefer cures to be kept out of sight and out of mind of the public. One can understand too how the appearance of not one but several highly workable life-saving cures for the “killer virus” threw an unexpected spanner in the works of  of the Covid terror faction’s best-laid plans.

“The best laid schemes of  Mice and Psychopaths, Gang aft agley!” to mis-quote Robbie Burns.

One can imagine that the architects of this global con job were well miffed when doctors all over the planet insisted on coming up with cures.

The knowledge that more than one cure exists would greatly undermine the effort to create a terror of a “deadly virus” wherein man’s “only hope” were the wizards and boffins of Big Pharma miraculously brewing up a vaccine in about a hundredth of the usual time it takes to rig trials.

The hidden motives that drive the evident obsession with getting everybody vaccinated even when the need is not actually pressing – be it purely greed or something more sinister – has not yet been fully owned up to by the Vax Faction that has infiltrated many governments. However, the obsession with a vaccine makes sense of the studious ignoring of existing remedies.

Imagine this grim spectacle: there is a true killer epidemic on the loose, threatening to slaughter the citizenry and bring civilisation to its knees. Several people leap to the fore brandishing relatively inexpensive cures. The government, instead of acting quickly to grab those cure, produce them en mass and make them available to anyone who wants them, wrestles their proponents to the floor, gags them and pours their cures down the sink, then gets its pals in the press to endure nobody ever hears of these cures, especially the poor devils who could use them.

Consider: not only did we have a flu bug, serious enough in its own right, talked up and propagandised to appear like a killer epidemic of which the entire populace should be very afraid, we also have several remedies for it – using drugs that have already been around for a long time with a good record for safety – actively suppressed whilst money and energy were thrown into the hasty “emergency” research for untried vaccines, indeed in the case of the MRNA vax an entirely new tech of genetic modification!

Consider, too, the cruelty of withholding from people in dire need a cure for something that can kill them –  and in many cases has killed them – so as to keep alive a demand for a vaccine of unknown consequences.

Put bluntly: known cures were withheld from people who needed them so as to create want for new vaccines. So much for the insincere hand wringing and crocodile tears of ministers and propagandists behind this charade.

These are crimes to be added to the already considerable list of charges the architects of the Covid Hoax must face.

Covid cures suppressed to create want for dodgy vaccines