4 Responses to “Courtesy of Occams, and Alan Vaughan. Thank you.”

  1. BenBecula says:

    I down loaded this and put it up on Brand New Tube for safe keeping

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Yes, she’s certainly not afraid to ‘put it out there’. I hope people like her and the information they convey becomes a pandemic (a pandemic that Bill Gates’s ‘vaccine’ would have no hope of protecting anyone from: They’ll be infected with and rapidly spread the ‘covitruth’ virus and hopefully it will spread like wildfire throughout the medical community to the others who are keeping the truth they know about this abominable scam quiet, but are still afraid; just as this courageous lady was, until she’d had enough.
    Her conscience finally got to her and she should be mighty proud of herself for what she did.
    If she loses her job, I’d gladly support her and anyone else like her, as I’m sure thousands of others would too.
    If more people who know the truth would only speak up, many of the stupid, compliant masked zombies might finally WAKE UP and revolt against this insanity.

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