Candid science relevant to criminal Covid-19 measures to wake folks up

Covid measures do not prevent death, PCR test is fraud, dangers of mRNA vaccine

The following interview is one of the most thorough that Denis Rancourt Ph.D has done. It has everything to do with you and your loved ones.

Denis Rancourt discusses with Tania
Masks d0n’t work
International scientists say PCR test does not test infection
Concerns of the mRNA vaccine and its dangers
Transmission is not by contact
Measures do not prevent deaths

Fundamental problem with vaccination

33:11 mins In April 2020, I did a five minute video where I explained that if you don’t allow people to get infected and naturally fight off the infection with the full immune response, and the time that it takes while you’re resting and recovering from this thing, everything your immune system learns and how your body responds to that infection through the natural process strengthens you for the rest of you life.

You cannot substitute that by circumventing a response to the infection, and the whole idea of vaccines is to circumvent, to short-circuit that. So there’s a fundamental problem with vaccination.


38:04 mins Pay attention to the synthetic m-RNA vaccine being used for the first time EVER for a pathogen never proven to exist. It’s all fraud!

There is much to learn about the miraculous body that is you. Watch the video or read the video unedited transcript.

Measures do not prevent deaths, transmission is not by contact, masks provide no benefit,vaccines are inherently dangerous: Review update of recent science relevant to COVID-19 policy

By Denis Rancourt | Excerpt

The unprecedented measures of universal lockdowns, tight institutional lockdowns of care homes, universal masking of the general population, obsession with surfaces and hands, and the accelerated vaccine deployment are contrary to known science, and contrary to recent leading studies. There has been government recklessness by action and negligence by omission. Institutional measures have been needed for a long time to stem corruption in both medicine and public health policy.

Take responsibility for your life and invite others to do the same by sharing. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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