Breaking: UK Govt’s OWN NUMBERS Expose Their COVID19 Fraud!

Written by John O’Sullivan


The mainstream media claims more than 50,000 Brits have died ‘with‘ COVID19. But official government data proves only 13,844 people were actually infected by the disease in the whole of 2020.

The official hard evidence provided below is inescapable. Ministers had this data all along and lied. It proves the political class are knowingly wrecking the UK economy as well as the livelihoods and health of 65 million citizens.

We are grateful to Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D.  Springfield, MO for bringing to our attention these crucial official numbers which have been collected each week of 2020 by Public Health England (PHE).

It shows beyond any reasonable doubt that the pandemic narrative peddled for the last nine months by politicians (in cahoots with the mainstream media) is gross misrepresentation and exaggeration.

As Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D writes:
We are told by various Government puppets and the MSM propaganda machine  of the scary totals every day. This information is on the UK Government website right in plain sight. See here:          

Notifiable Diseases: Weekly Reports For 2020

Analysis of data for statutory notifications of infectious diseases (NOIDS) in England and Wales in 2020.
This will shock you.
Click  the link above, then open each weekly report to see the Covid weekly infections, not cases, not deaths. It is the law that these statistics must be given to Public Health England.
This is the statement on the site: Registered Medical Practitioner in England and Wales have a statutory duty to notify a Proper Officer of the local authority, often  the CCDC (Consultant in Communicable Disease Control), of suspected cases of certain infectious diseases.
The first Infection was reported in week 10, so we have now had 41 weeks.
In black and white these are the true facts.

The Total Number Of People That Have Had A Covid Infection In England And Wales Is……


Now  living in Lincolnshire I checked out how many have been infected, the  total is 47, I live in an area called South Holland, infections for the  area in 41 weeks?  FIVE.
Now we are being told Peterborough is the epicenter of infections, well Peterborough has had a total of 4 in 41 weeks, in fact, that is the  whole of Cambridgeshire, just FOUR.
Norfolk and Suffolk have been put in tier 4, but there have had a grand total of ZERO infections between them.

Let’s Move On To Wales

In 41 weeks a total of ZERO Infections have been reported. I found this strange considering the dictatorship like restrictions they have. So I visited NHS Wales, thinking they must be on their website,
NO, nothing.
First Minister of Wales Drakeford (photo, right) has taken the Welsh business community to the edge of destruction, over obfuscated figures, driving insane policy decisions masquerading as law, whilst passing on the cost to businesses.
We  are being lied to, it’s there is Black and White. Check it out for yourselves, find the town city or county you live in and see how many you can find.
Decide for yourselves which course of action to take.
Did You Spot the Bait and Switch?
It seems all the media talk is about ‘cases, cases’ and you can be forgiven for not noticing that politicians and the mainstream media never mention the real medical statistic: infections.
For some insight into the trickery being intentionally inflicted on a scientifically-illiterate public there is a helpful article in The Spectator (September 14, 2020) titled ‘What does a case of Covid-19 really mean.
The article is written by two ‘heavyweights’ – Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford and director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and co-author, Tom Jefferson, a senior associate tutor and honorary research fellow at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford.
They write:
“In the course of our evidence gathering activities, we have gone through a few thousand papers reporting studies on all aspects of Covid-19 spread. We found that not very many defined a case of Covid, which is a sign of sloppiness when that is what you are looking for. Those that did, reported different definitions and ways of ascertaining what they meant by a ‘case’.”
These experts then explain why the term ‘cases’ is wholly unreliable, open to abuse and not at all a proper means of providing a metric on any disease. In short, the government’s insistence on talking about ‘cases’ when making public announcements, and avoiding all mention of ‘infections’ is not merely pedantic, it is a ruse to attempt to escape meaningful accountability for the wanton fraud they have conspired to commit.
Did you know that the UK Government’s very own Chief Science Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance has a sweet little £600,000 shareholding in one of the businesses contracted to develop vaccines?
In whichever nation you live that is being strangled by these insane lockdowns you will surely find a correlation between the severity of the pandemic measures, premised on cases, and politicians connected with Big Pharma.
Let no one be in any doubt on this issue: we are speaking of many government officials with directorships, shares or some other connection to the very medical businesses and vaccine manufacturers making billions off of swindling the tax payer over a ‘deadly’ pandemic which is nothing more than a statistical chimera.

Some of the above information was provided with the assistance of Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, CERT Public Health of the Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice. More information about the important public service they provide is found at: and

Breaking: UK Govt’s OWN NUMBERS Expose Their COVID19 Fraud!