Biden promises darkest time in America’s history starts tomorrow.


There is little to no hope the senate or anyone else will prevent Biden from being scammed into office. If Trump does not have the military fully on his side to immediately begin launching arrests after tomorrow, all you can do is prepare and pray. Get ready to bug out, to the south is better than to the north, and at least buy a tent, matches, and a pellet gun would be good too so you can hunt in secret. Better have 50,000 pellets. In the U.S., a Beeman nitro that can take BB’s (which will be cheap enough for you to get tens of thousands immediately,) plus that beeman will take pellets – as many as you can get – that is going to be the right choice because you can’t walk around the woods letting everyone know you are there, even with a .22 and BB’s will at least get squirrels and pigeons.

If Biden is scammed in tomorrow it will only prove that America was lost before Trump was even elected, and he only delayed the inevitable for 4 years. Biden and many others have specifically stated their actions will be immediate, and that America will enter the darkest period in it’s entire history, starting January 21. They have openly stated this. They openly stated everything, including Biden stating outright that he did not need our vote to get elected. They have openly stated ALL OF IT and the election part already happened. Think they are lying about the rest? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the results of not taking this seriously.

It would be comical if it was not so grave, Biden is such a bad guy, supported by such rotten people that he can openly brag about “America’s darkest time” after he was elected – he’s bad on the level of Darth Vader and the emperor, begging everyone over to the dark side. He’s so confident in his evil he’s openly announcing the results before he even takes office. He has substantially upped the ante on “the dark winter” and has upgraded it to “The darkest time in America’s history”. He is saying it openly. And no one is taking action. Think about that. This is serious stuff.

Barring some miracle, it looks like tomorrow, the US Congress and VP Mike Pence will betray America and shut down any objections to the Biden slate of electors from swing states where massive election fraud took place. In breaking news today, it emerged that VP Mike Pence may not be present tomorrow, and would be replaced by Sen. Charles Grassley, who would oversee the opening and counting of the electoral votes. There are still many wildcards and moving pieces to the sh#tshow that will unfold in the next 24 hours.

We believe that the US Congress is incapable of following the Constitution. Over 90 percent of the members of Congress are treasonous criminals who are actively seeking to install CCP puppet Joe Biden in the White House, even if it means destroying the republic in the process. By the end of the day tomorrow, we will likely see Joe Biden confirmed (80% chance) as the president-elect.

This will leave America with just four remaining options:

  1. Trump’s legal team drops some sort of epic declassified documents that change the entire game, perhaps showing that Biden is actively working for the CCP, or rolling out Jeffrey Epstein’s files that likely implicate a large number of members of Congress.
  2. Trump invokes the Insurrection Act or some similar form of military authority, likely declaring the election to be an act of international warfare and citing new evidence from DNI Ratcliffe’s report.
  3. We the People rise up and stage an armed defense of the republic by carrying out mass arrests of treasonous criminals across the nation, including treasonous governors, secretaries of state, lawmakers and corrupt court judges.
  4. Divine intervention. God intervenes in some way that resembles Chapter 14 of Exodus out of the Bible. But with America now descending into a cesspool of abortion, transgenderism and demonism, it’s hard to see how God would grant mercy on this nation.

All the other options will disappear in the next day or so as Congress betrays America and votes to accept the fraudulent slate of electors for Biden. The SCOTUS option is a non-actionable, given that SCOTUS is run by an alleged globalist puppet pedophile named Roberts, according to recent bombshell tweets from Lin Wood.