Artificial Intelligence is becoming more powerful than human intelligence

Professor Stuart Russell, one of the world’s leading scientists in Artificial Intelligence, has come to consider his own discipline an existential threat to humanity.

In this video he talks about how we can change course before it’s too late.

His new book ‘Human Compatible: AI and the Problem of Control’ is out now:…

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One Response to “Artificial Intelligence is becoming more powerful than human intelligence”

  1. Occams says:

    10 years ago people laughed at me when I’d refer to Goolag (Google – ‘Do Pure Evil’) as ‘Skynet’.

    Goolag had to ‘pull the plug’ when two AI units began conversing in their own language, but no one EVER learns, do we, so we just continued on our merry way, our supreme egos matched only by our supreme ignorance and chutzpah.

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