WW3 Update – new offensive as totalitarians deploy Weapons of Mass Hysteria


by Steve Cook

The hard-pressed forces of the Fourth Reich have been on the back foot since their First Wave offensive ran afoul of weak intelligence.

Their war effort was further weakened by the discovery that their crack divisions (SAGE, NERVTAG, HMG, MOH etc) had been firing blanks, known technically as “fibs”, but they have now mustered their resources and launched a new “Christmas offensive” more desperate than the previous offensive.

Finding itself bogged down in a minefield of public incredulity and having shot itself in the foot so many times it barely has a leg to stand on, the Reich has had to re-arm with new stocks of fibs and fake stats, then re-launch its over-the-top assault on liberty under a thick smokescreen of press hysteria.

This new offensive is remarkably similar to the old offensive, and equally offensive, and suggests the masterminds behind the so-called War on Democracy have run right of out stocks of sensible ideas.

It centres around the all-too-familiar “Fake Pandemic” gambit and we witness the resultant drive to convince the target populations that the fake pandemic has become even more fake than it was previously.

This threatens everybody with a new deadly spread of terror in which people live in constant fear of how many will die as a result of whatever idiocy their government is going to pull next.

It also has the added benefit of further undermining the people’s confidence in and willingness not to throttle their government. As a primary objective of any war is to render the enemy’s territory ungovernable, this greatly assists the Reich’s war effort.

Moreover, the offensive also provides a much-needed distraction at a time when the newly-launched biological weapon “Vax One”, far from making everything “safe and lovely” as was promised in the propaganda brochures, is cutting a swathe of health problems through the targeted populace.

There is nothing wrong with causing your enemy health problems – it has been a successful strategy for decades – but in this instance, it is necessary that the health problems are only noticed AFTER millions have been vaccinated, not before.

One of Vax One’s major advantages is that it has proven incapable of preventing the government from lying, infecting everything with fake statistics, making things up, using junk science, pretending the voices in its head are scientists (as opposed to psychological warfare experts and other degenerative disorders of the body politic) and generally mucking people about.

Unless an antidote such as hydrocommonsensoquine can be deployed against the spread of bull and balderdash and the general inability of the government and its handlers on SAGE and so forth to tell the truth, it is feared the war will go on until only people who have not been vaccinated are left standing.

One of the (formerly secret but now well known) Weapons of Mass Hysteria used in this latest offensive is the tried and trusted rusty old tank known as “media propaganda”.

Media propaganda works mainly on two principles:

(a) alarming headlines not necessarily backed by the article that follows, but which rely on people not being able to “tunnel under the wire” and get past the headline.

(b) when people do get past the headline and read the article, they do not really LOOK at and analyse what it is ACTUALLY SAYING.

So today there are items all over the media designed to stir up a new round of fear and hysteria.

The timing is no accident. It lays a smokescreen  and distracts attention at a time when,

*  public trust in the government is at a new low,

*  perception of its scumbaggery is at a new high,

*   its falsification or distortion of info to serve its suppressive objectives is common knowledge,

*  when even staunch Conservative magazines are calling for Johnson’s and Hancock’s heads,

*  when the alleged virus has STILL not been isolated and identified,

*  when the much-used PCR test has been thoroughly discredited,

*  when the “terrifying virus” has turned out to be a rebranded flu with about the same stats,

*  when the primary falsehood that asymptomatic (ie, well) people transmit infection has been proven false,

*  when the dodgy vaccine is causing immediate health impact events in about 3% of the vaccinated,

*   when  bringing about a depression worse than the one engineered by an earlier generation of psychopaths and their slightly dim political lackeys in the 1930s is broadly regarded as too high a price to pay for failing to stop a flu outbreak.

So what does the government do when faced with this catastrophic scenario and its best-laid plans to liquidate and neutralise Great Britain are on the ropes, nobody’s terrified enough and too many people are asking awkward questions for which there is no rational answer?

Yes, what does it do?

You can almost hear Johnson and Hancock asking that of their “scientists” on Sage (or as one newspaper hilariously put it even more vaguely, “scientist advising the Government’s top scientists“,

“What do we do? If things unravel any more than they already have, we are screwed.”

So what stroke of genius do they come up with?

Do do more of the same: the same stat falsification in the same way using the same sly little tricks; the same inflated numbers of infection occasioned by using a test that cannot detect active infections; the same alarming predictions of doom – even taking “advice” from the same disgraced “expert”, Ferguson, infamous for previous doom-laden but seriously inaccurate predictions! (Is he the “scientist advising the Government’s top scientists” mentioned above?)

And the same hysterical talking up of the whole thing aided and abetted by the same collaborators-with-the-enemy in the media.

Chuck alarming headlines about, alarming predictions, falsifed stats, half truths . . . . such as this neat little trick:

“39,000 new cases of Covid-19 on Thursday, more than five times as many as on the worst day of the first wave in April.” yelled one headline.  That is a misleading and meaningless comparison which compares the results of two very different testing regimes. In April it was only seriously ill patients turning up at hospital emergency units who were tested. Now they are testing a quarter of a million people per day with different, less accurate tests. That is what scientists call comparing apples to oranges. But it makes a beautifully frightening headline.

More specifically (as I am sure you are well aware by now and as sick of these shallow deceits as I am):

*  Do lots and lots of tests. Really ramp up the numbers of tests being done. The tests create a certain percentage of positives. Most, if not all of them are false positives, especially where the much-used PCR test is concerned, but that doesn’t matter. The more tests you do, the more positives you can declare and the numbers look impressive in newspaper articles. Thus you can declare a “huge rise” in positives.

*  Positives (false or otherwise) are declared “cases”. To declare a “case” all you need is the positive test result, nothing else. You don’t need, for example, the person to actually be ill. Thus a positive test on someone who is in good health and not at all ill results in them being classed as a  “Case” although “asymptomatic”. In other words, you have somebody who is ill with a bug without being ill. So you get a huge rise in the numbers of  “cases”.

*  The huge rise in cases can be splashed all over the media and embedded in alarming headlines to spread fear.

*  Someone who tests positive ends up hospitalised for some reason (heart attack, cancer, pneumonia, hit by a low-flying gannet etc etc etc) but as the “positive” is on his records, he is called a “COVID admission” or someone admitted to hospital “WITH Covid”.

The rise in testing resulting in a rise in false positives therefore results in a rise in the stat of hospital admissions WITH Covid.

So again, suitably alarming headlines can be dreamed up that don’t actually lie, they simply state the numbers whilst omitting what they actually mean, in a way that can be interpreted alarmedly by people already alarmed by all the alarm that has been alarmingly spread about.

These efforts to disseminate fear and talk up a re-branded flu bug into some latter-day version of the Black Death (which, by the way, would not have been in the modern era the same degree of deadly problem it was back in the days when medicine amounted to leeches and people chucked their poo out of the ruddy window) are further bolstered by making everyone wear masks.

This latter tactic comes under the “dangerous environment” caper: it reinforces the idea that there is a deadly invisible creeping menace about and makes people feel hauntedly threatened merely walking down the street or putting the bins out.

You get, too, the phenomenon of someone who is pretty convinced the government is lying to them as per ususal (when are they not?) and that Covid is not the threat it is being made out to be, who sees all the masks being worn and his High Street turned into a scene from an apocalypse movie and he goes into doubt about his own reality on the situation.

So there you have it, the solution to having been found out is to simply belch out yet another smokescreen of alarm and dismay and hope that the populace will be too spooked to think straight or ask awkward questions.

And while I’m on the subject:

*  the cunning ploy of re-labelling or re-branding ailments so as to make epidemics appear or go away at will is not new. It has been done before, with Polio for instance, but that is a subject for another essay.

*  blaming the patient when the medicine “doesn’t work” is not new either. The medicine doesn’t work because it doesn’t work (or the diagnosis was wrong in the first place)  but this can be twisted to: “the leeches didn’t work and the patient got weaker because we didn’t apply enough leeches (or psych meds or radiation or whatever) so we’ll apply more leeches”. Then, when the patient still doesn’t get well or even dies, “Oh, the illness was much worse than we thought!”

We’ve entered that “the illness is much worse than we thought” phase now with Covid and the lockdown version of applying leeches to the entire community.

Which brings me to this thought concerning a primary stupidity:

*  When something does not work and things get worse, do more of it and when things get even worse, do even more of the same thing in the hope that what didn’t work the first time will suddenly miraculously work the second or third time. You know, kick the car and if it still doesn’t start, kick it again.

This is pure stupidity – unless of course your game is to MAKE things get worse whilst looking like you are trying not to, in which case it is pure evil.

WW3 Update – new offensive as totalitarians deploy Weapons of Mass Hysteria

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