We want our Christmas back! Political opposition is growing. Join it.

We Want Our Christmas Back!

Sign and Share The National Petition against Boris’ Lockdown

Christmas in cancelled. The citizens of London are being imprisoned in our capital. Police are arresting those trying to leave…and now the government is telling us that the Draconian Lockdown will be in place until Easter!

Our tyrannical leaders are literally laughing at us as they flout the laws they expect hard working English people to follow.

Lift the Lockdown now!

Countless people have had their life-saving operations cancelled, condemning them to almost certain death and millions of Englishmen and women are set to lose their jobs, businesses and homes.

Have we not suffered enough? Our economy is in ruins. Our children and grand children will be paying off Billions of government debt for decades to come.

This is the beginning of the new resistance!

Sign and share our National petition against Boris’ draconian Lockdown to all your friends and family. It is time Englishmen and women defy our rulers and say: No More Lockdowns!

We want our lives and our freedoms back!

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Party Chairman

English Democrats Party · PO Box 1066, 
Norwich NR14 6ZJ, United Kingdom
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