The Most Deadly Medical Scandal of the Third Millennium

The Perpetrators of OPERATION COVID-19 are doing everything possible to prevent HERD IMMUNITY—Why?

Whatever COVID-19 really is,
the ONLY way for humanity
to successfully overcome it
is to hit the key threshold

State of the Nation

For millennia, the human bio-organism has responded to all epidemics, pandemics and plagues the very same way.  After running their course throughout the affected population, eventually a sufficient number of people develop the natural immune response that renders the infection agent, pathogenic micro-organism or disease trigger impotent.  That’s called HERD IMMUNITY.

Science Lesson

In this process of the human body’s own defense system being activated, antibodies are created that neutralize the invading antigen. As follows:

“An antibody is a blood protein produced in response to and counteracting a specific antigen. Antibodies combine chemically with substances which the body recognizes as alien, such as bacteria, viruses, and foreign substances in the blood.”[1]

This is basically how herd immunity is attained for any infectious disease or contagious illness.  When enough people are exposed to the infection agent, a critical mass of individuals eventually develops all the antibodies necessary to prevent a recurrence.  In this way, both symptomatic and asymptomatic folks play their vital roles in spreading and/or contracting the infection to the ultimate benefit of every inhabitant on planet Earth.

This highly evolved bodily reaction has worked marvelously for thousands of years, so why are perpetrators of OPERATION COVID-19 really doing everything possible to prevent HERD IMMUNITY?!?!

There are myriad infection agents dispersed everywhere throughout the ambient environment — 24/7 — of every living person.  Every human being is exposed to them and develops an infinite number of immune responses, especially to those who are identified as foreign and dangerous.  It’s what the human body reflexively does as a means of self defense and self-preservation.

Therefore, HERD IMMUNITY should be viewed as the culmination of this elegant survival mechanism for the whole human species.  Were it not so, the human race would likely be extinct by now, and perhaps even centuries ago.

Again, all of this obvious biological science begs a question.

Why are TPTB trying so hard to prevent HERD IMMUNITY?

Because they have planned for a “COVID-19 Pandemic Forever” scenario, That’s why!

That’s also why this manufactured pandemic has been accurately labelled the Plandemic, THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, Coronahoax, COVIDcon, RONAruse, STUPID-19, Hoax of the Millennium, etc.

In point of fact, each and every anti-Covid measure, that has been ordered by governments at every level, is purposely designed to prolong this bioengineered pandemic.

Just take a close look at each of those draconian measures, which have also served to destroy local and national economies around the globe.

















It should be quite obvious that each of these excessive control measures and unlawful governmental orders are explicitly designed to keep people apart. By continuously keeping us all separated from each other, the natural process of HERD IMMUNITY is substantially slowed down making the pandemic much longer and more deadly.

KEY POINT: It ought to be quite obvious by now that the preceding list of control measures has not been imposed solely for the purpose of prevent HERD IMMUNITY.  For there are several other perfidious purposes for each illicit government decree, the most destructive of which is to quickly wipe out American small businesses en masse, which is happening in real time.

The evidence is now clear and overwhelming: Federal, provincial, state and city governments the world over have been illegally issuing orders to do just that—isolate populations large and small with the highly deliberate intention of slowing down HERD IMMUNITY from being reached both locally and globally.

Of course, this highly organized international criminal conspiracy is nothing short of genocide on a global scale.  At this stage of the COVID-19 mass murder scheme, the number of crimes perpetrated against humanity is both countless and egregious.  If one more Covid wave washes over the planet, the New World Order globalist cabal will have the perfect context to foist a One World Government on the world community of nations.

KEY POINT: Their justification for imposing such a COVID-1984 regime: to save humanity from the dreaded coronavirus pandemic … which they launched as a bioweapon in Wuhan, China and continue to release throughout the industrialized world in particular (but with different COVID-19 variations targeting vulnerable blood lines).

This is precisely why the Plandemic criminals persist in rolling out their immunity-prevention measures, one fabricated Covid wave after another, knowing full well that the curve will never flatten.  In this deceptive way, the perps intend on cynically exploiting THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC until the entire planetary civilization is put on permanent lockdown.  And then governments everywhere will have a justification to institute mandatory vaccination programs complete with immunity certificates that will be required to work, receive medical treatments, attend public events, collect government aid, enter stores, restaurants, theaters, health club/gyms, etc.

However, there’s a MUCH more nefarious agenda at work concerning this utterly fake and fabricated pandemic.  It behooves every person to read and understand the following exposé of what is really an exceedingly complex conspiratorial plot … … … of truly epic proportions.  Many have said “biblical proportions”, and they are entirely right.

FUNVAX: Globalist Plot to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine
Exposes Shocking Satanic Conspiracy

Remember, at the end of the day, there’s only one way to save humanity from the manmade Covid scourge.  As a matter of scientific fact, the more who are exposed the better for all of humanity.  Hence, in order to expeditiously terminate this ongoing genocide IN PLAIN SIGHT there ought to be an immense countervailing force of people power loudly calling for:

The Only Effective Way to Terminate OPERATION COVID-19 Worldwide


SOTN would be seriously remiss in carrying out our investigative journalistic responsibilities were this analysis to neglect the MOST vital data point of all.  The single greatest reason why the Coviteers are determined to present the appearance that HERD IMMUNITY cannot be attained is twofold: First, they are using it as a false justification to roll out untested and hazardous COVID-19 vaccine programs worldwide.

Secondly, the perps have been conducting an unparalleled Covid campaign of propaganda and prevarication, aimed at every person on the planet, to convince them that the only way to  effectively terminate this fake plandemic is to vaccinate every human being.  Their extremely deceptive messaging has been clear right along that a COVID-19 vaccine is the only way to hit the essential threshold of HERD IMMUNITY.

In this deceitful manner, the masterminds of this “Most Deadly Medical Scandal of the Third Millennium” are brainwashing the masses to believe that the only way out is HERD IMMUNITY via regular Covid vaccinations.  So the misleading choice for humanity is to either (i) accept the current oppressive lockdown regime as the new normal — OR — (ii) everyone gets vaccinated so we can get back to the old normal.

See how WHO Director Tedros Adhanom has been deliberately lying about
herd immunity to promote a global Covid vaccination regime!

Do you see how TPTB are stampeding billions into the pen of vaccine compliance?  And, in such a way that the most fearful pro-vaxxers will police the coming vaccines programs in every country.  This is exactly how governments routinely manufacture consent so that a critical mass of citizens first demands the dangerous vaccines; and then requests enforcement mechanisms that they themselves will help police.

Patriots, the foregoing reality check is — BY FAR — our biggest challenge of the Covid era.  Which is why urgent exposés like this one need to be disseminated far and wide.  Until a strong majority of Americans comprehend the true enormity and gravity of this “Medical Scandal”, not much will change because of the rapidly growing and self-policing COVIDIOCRACY.  So, please post and send out this pivotal anti-vax piece EVERYWHERE—thank you!

State of the Nation
December 5, 2020


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