The FBI entered that facility during all of this and removed the machines. the election audit is probably over.



Yes, the left has elevated election theft to violence, destruction and murder. No one died at the blast site, they played a speaker telling people to stay away but prior to this they have been killing people.

Yeah, they are nice people. They warned everyone to reduce deaths before they destroyed a facility that was going to be used to stop them from genociding millions.


Note the date of the tweet. This can no longer be found because the account has been suspended.


The Nashville mayor was laughing about this bombing on television. He’s a Dem. Now we know why.



We have a situation where the people throwing America into communism are committing violence to protect their election steal, while the useless gun owners and others sit and do NOTHING. Sounds like winning! THE LEFT KNOWS VIOLENCE IS THE WAY TO WIN, ALL THE WHILE THEY SCREAM ABOUT HOW BAD IT IS. Nashville just proved that.

Wars are fought for a reason. Because violence works! The good guys had damn well better WAKE T.F. UP.



UPDATE: THE FBI WAS ON SCENE IMMEDIATELY, ENTERED THE BUILDING, AND SEIZED ALL THE MACHINES. So that confirms what this was, and there will be no audit.

There were also reports of Adam Schiff getting arrested which I refused to post, but since other people blew that one to the moon I might as well post that I did not miss that. I just chose not to post it. It is probably true.


DO NOT FEAR COVID OVER CHRISTMAS. Do christmas if it is possible.


Merry Christmas to everyone!

Don’t let fake posting fool you, This is only professional wrestlers making a mask joke during the holidays

These are professional Mexican wrestlers – the equivalent of the WWF, out stunting to encourage people to wear masks. The guy who throws the chair is a take off on the Mexican spirit of death. All involved are professional wrestlers.


To make sensational headlines, some are saying this is the Mexican government out doing this. I saw it and called B.S., that’s not what it would look like and despite being irked about masks, Claudia was somewhat amused. Good act.