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The Great Fascist Reshit is a propaganda term for the same old New World Order, and its Technocracy rollout. Conspiracy alert.


A new social contract.  Harmony with nature.  Motherhood and apple pie.  Hilarious or terrifying?  Schwab is the villain in the next James Bond movie.  Equality.  Sustainability.  Inclusive.  Buzzwords everywhere.  What does it all mean in practice?  Here is a summary.

It’s great propaganda marketing campaign which the global elite are trying to shove down the public’s throats.

The World Economic Forum says we must not go back to where we are pre-COVID.  COVID is a ‘shock we have all been through’.  We must treat these big systemic threats as real.  The dog Rover (Sesame Street) describes the details when they reset the entire world.  No one going to school any more….video playtime….

Four points about The Great Reset, this mass propaganda exercise.

This has nothing to do with any sort of virus or disease.  At all.  COVID 19 is hardly mentioned except as an intro topic.  Don’t be taken in.  It has nothing to do with any health crisis.

Pandemic foreknowledge.

Monetary markets require some kind of manoeuvre, and COVID is simply the cover story.

This is a coordinated agenda which has been years, decades in the making.

It’s just a new coat of lipstick on a very old pig.  It’s just The New World Order with a new name.

Davos and the WEF is a few rungs below other bodies within the NWO.  Intra factional rivalry going on between WEF and Bilderberg.

Prince Charles is all over this.

So is head of IMF.  Key players are rising in prominence.  These people are career building, trying to be in the drivers seat of the New World Order enterprise.

This is not the end of globalisation.  It’s its apotheosis, as Klaus Schwab says in his book The Great Reshit – ‘towards multi-polarity’.  Islam bogeyman much to the fore.

If no one power can enforce order, he writes, there won’t be enough authority to enforce the new order….

Sociopathic controllers believe order is good.  Disorder is bad.  WO needs the O.  They want the WEF to become very powerful, increasing globalisation, which they call global cooperation.  Globalism and nationalism hold up the structure of the WO.  This is the pinnacle of globalism.

This process is not intended to end.  Once COVID disappears and is solved, vaccine etc, the Great Reset will continue ongoing.

This is a multi trillion dollar infrastructure being rolled out for the NWO – a new form of governance – biosecurity is the cover for total surveillance, entirely digitised lives, tracked and traced from birth to death.  Great Reset is just a brand name.  This is not a Reset at all, but a sweeping away of human freedom from cradle to grave.  There will be no return to business as usual.  This is a transformation.  Will the public go along with it all?

The COVID 19 transformation map exists at the WEF – explaining what is planned around COVID-19….a transformation of the world.  The scope and scale of the transformation is massive.  The map was first published in 2017.  COVID was added to this large database.  This is a pre-existing agenda, not a response to COVID at all, although done in the name of COVID-19.

In 2016 the WEF rolled out a video – the 4th Industrial Revolution.  Digital, physical and biological systems.  Government wants to control every human on the planet – ‘create a new story about how we want to live’.  This propaganda about a new economic framework is focused on technocracy, a century old idea.  Centralised control in the hands of a technocratic elite, packaged as something new – just a rebrand of the NWO, and its old ideas.

On the table is a transformation of what it means to be human.  An open conspiracy.

www.offguardian.org – Schwab and his Fascist Reset.  12th October.  Winter Oak article.  It’s actually funny – but also not funny at all.  Transhumanism in a word.   This is an open conspiracy – to use technology to surveil and control and intervene in our minds and bodies every second of every day – to impose medical control over our lives, using devices like bracelets, which measure your thoughts and emotions as well as blood pressure etc.

By putting education online, they can shut down anything they don’t like using an algorithm.  They can flick a switch and cancel Zoom meetings or online speeches they don’t like.  The robber barons will be part of every human interaction.  It’s the duty of every human to fight back against this coming shitting up of human life.  Nothing ‘Smart’ about it.

TAP – It’s based on a totally scientific view of life, not the spiritual one.   The Satanists behind this have no concept of how deeply spiritual human life is – or at least they want to obliterate our spiritual lives so we no longer can hold back the advance of Satan into the world.  Keep your contentment, and your secret separate thoughts at all times.  However far they ram this down our throats,  they can’t reach the soul, their real target.  Talk to each other.