The “asymptomatic cases” con and the PCR fraud exposed


by Watchdog

The meme below provides a nice summary of the “asymptomatic carriers” con, itself yet another bare-faced lie that forms one component of the greater COVID19 Pandemic fabrication.

We already know that the PCR test is fraudulent. It has produced an epidemic of false positives that has enabled the gov to perpetuate its scam.

The scam is geared to creating a demand for “COVID Vaccines”.

We predicted early on that the misery of lockdowns and so on would be continued long enough for it to really hurt and the populace to become heartily sick of the whole thing. At that point Big Pharma would “come to our rescue with a dodgy, booby-trapped vaccine that people would accept without asking too many awkward questions (such as, “is it more dangerous than the virus?”) so that this could all be over and life return to “normal”.

And so it has come to pass. The only things we did not predict were:

  • The appearance of more than one dodgy vaccine, by a remarkable coincidence all at the same time.
  • The fact that the People, although sick of the whole thing, have not proven as gullible as the government hoped.

So a number of vaccines have suddenly appeared after, one for one, a reckless skimping of the normal YEARS of  trials and safety checks, such has been the rush to get the vaccine sold to the government and billions of pounds extracted from the taxpayer before the whole scam folds up.

This means that the gov will now oversee the injection of millions of its citizens with dangerous vaccines.

The main target will be the elderly and vulnerable and we predict that the vaccines will over the ensuing months and years kill large numbers of the people who were persuaded to submit to them.

This is a population cull and if you care about your grand parents, parents, friends, neighbours and ultimately yourself, you will refuse to allow your government to commit monstrous humanitarian crimes.

Be that as it may, the false positives of course are assigned to people who have no symptoms (about 80%) or who have mild symptoms (ie symptoms of routine seasonal colds and so forth).

“Asymptomatic” is government con-speak for “not ill” and explains away how the vast majority of people tested with the PCR test can test positive without actually being sick.

The tests in China have verified that these “asymptomatic” people do not spread the disease, mainly because they do not actually have it.

This has been evident from the outset just by looking at the distribution of “cases”.

If an asymptomatic person can infect others, one would expect clusters of cases in and around that person’s family and workplace and so forth as they infect those with whom they are in close contact. This would be the case if a highly infectious virus were on the loose and particularly so of their family during a lockdown.

Yet  no such clustering has occurred. The distribution of “cases” has been random

Another government lie is bl0wn out of the water.


This article is from UK Reloaded 

The “asymptomatic cases” con and the PCR fraud exposed