Take the grin off Boris’ face.

Help Lift the Lockdown

Let England Live!

Sign and Share The National Petition against the Lockdown!

Boris and the traitor Tories ruined our Christmas. The citizens of London are imprisoned in our capital.

The Police are arresting those trying to leave…and now the government is now openly admitting the Draconian Lockdown will be in place until Easter!

Our tyrannical leaders are literally laughing at us as they flout the laws they expect hard working English people to follow.

Lift the Lockdown now!

Countless people have had their life-saving operations cancelled, condemning them to almost certain death and millions of Englishmen and women are set to lose their jobs, businesses and homes.

Have we not suffered enough? Our economy is in ruins. Our children and grand children will be paying off Billions of government debt for decades to come.

This is the beginning of the new resistance!

Sign and share our National petition against Boris’ draconian Lockdown to all your friends and family. It is time Englishmen and women defy our rulers and say: No More Lockdowns!

We want our lives and our freedoms back!

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Party Chairman


2 Responses to “Take the grin off Boris’ face.”

  1. Derek says:

    I have signed most of Tilbrook’s petitions (including this one), and donated several times. I have even purchased badges which took forever to arrive. The published newspaper is jingoistic – one so far issued, a second seeking funding.

    Mr Tilbrook needs to step up to the plate and stop being a badge seller, as so far that is all the Engish Democrat Party have become – street corner preachers.

    Tilbrooks action in the courts was quashed. His Party Chairmanship is of a wish-list of hope alone. The comments on the website for English Democrats are mostly 8 and 9 years old with two a few months ago – 4 months ago someone suggested singing Land of Hope & Glory.

    The EDP is like ash on an old mans sleeve for what good it is doing.

    Sorry for the negativity, but current events are depressing.

    • Tapestry says:

      Thanks for a great comment Derek. I had to forward it to Robin Tilbrook, saying this comment would ‘cheer him up’ or some such flippant remark, and he replied!

      As follows –

      Lol! Maybe the commenter would like this.


      Happy New Year!

      He’s a lawyer and he sticks to what he knows. And he battles. If more people rallied around, at least we would have the law back. Yes there’s far more needed than that, but this is a necessary follow up to Brexit. And not a small thing at all. With a functioning British legal system back in place and proper supervision of the Police we would have a chance of rolling back the Satanists who want our country destroyed.

      I’ll tolerate a certain amount of jingoism if that can be achieved.

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