SOLARWINDSgate: False Flag Cyberattack Against U.S. Federal Government—Who did it & Why?


Cyberattack Provided Cover for an
Unparalleled Theft of Vital Info by America’s Real Enemies

State of the Nation

First, here’s an excerpt of the Wikipedia page posted about this epic data breach and cyberattack. Notice the extraordinary length and detailed nature of the whole page … as if it has been created over several months by the actual perpetrators themselves.

The 2020 United States federal government data breach was the result of a cyberattack by a group backed by a foreign government on multiple parts of the federal government of the United States.[1][21] The data breach, considered to likely be the work of Cozy Bear backed by the Russian state agency SVR, was reported to be among the worst ever experienced by the U.S, due to the high profile of the targets and the long duration for which the attacker had access.[22][23][24] U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin described it as tantamount to a declaration of war.[3][25] Within days of its discovery, at least 200 organizations around the world had been found to be affected by the attack, and some of these may also have suffered data breaches.[1][26][27] President Donald Trump was initially silent about the attack; on December 19, 2020, in his first public statement on the topic, he spuriously suggested that China, not Russia, might have been responsible, saying “everything is well under control”.[28][29]
(Source: 2020 United States federal government data breach)

It ought to be obvious to every conspiracy realist that whatever appears on any rapidly appearing Wikipedia page was put their directly by the C.I.A. Mockingbird Media division at Langley.

Of course, when the Wiki page begins with a specious accusation against Russia, it’s immediately clear that the entire black operation is a HUGE distraction, but also a very dangerous one.

The primary purpose of this distraction is to take the attention of the American people away from the unprecedented election hack perpetrated by the Democrat Party and C.I.A., as well as by the various election software and hardware companies who conspired to steal the election from President Trump.

Come January 6th, the Democrats are going to need a very serious distraction from the overwhelming evidence that will be presented in the U.S. Congress when the Electoral College vote will be contested by some very angry Republican Senators and House members.

Watch Out for the Explosion of Election Theft Truth
in the U.S. Congress on January 6th!

Whenever the real perpetrators of any epic crime wave want to divert everyone’s attention, they reflexively point at Russia as the culprit.  In point of fact, Russia is the last country that would so recklessly carry out such a provocative attack against America’s cyber infrastructure and data centers.  However, given the prospects of a Biden presidency, inflaming tensions with Russia conveniently provides the false pretext to restart Cold War 2.0 yet again.

From now until Inauguration Day, there will surely be a series of false flag attacks, black ops and other highly staged events each geared toward captivating the attention of the whole nation.  The Democrats have been caught committing so much transparent election fraud that they feel it’s necessary to distract from their unrivaled election theft.


Upon close examination of the 3 major software companies involved in this cyberattack — Microsoft, SolarWinds, and VMware — each of them is notorious for quite purposely creating either backdoors and/or security flaws so that such an immense data breach could take place.

When you’re dealing with info/data that concerns the “U.S. Treasury Department and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce” how is it even possible that the attackers had such easy access, unless it was purposefully given to them … … … or it was really an inside job.

The most telling aspect of this so-called cyberattack is the Wiki reference to “Cozy Bear backed by the Russian state agency SVR”.  Remember, this is the same fake story that was deliberately planted by CrowdStrike, the America cybersecurity company that placed the fake Russian digital signatures on the DNC servers when they were allegedly hacked in 2016.  The DNC would never even turn those servers over to the FBI!?!

CONFIRMED: DNC paid the ‘Russian’ founder of CrowdStrike
to hack its server so it could be blamed on Russia!

All of this context leads to multiple conclusions where one reigns supreme in this analysis.  The true perpetrators were state actors who pose as America’s friends but are really our arch-enemies (e.g. China, United Kingdom & Israel).  And, that these enemies were materially aided by the C.I.A., NSA and FBI in the conduct of this slick operation, especially in the management of the sophisticated cover-up.

More to the point, this highly organized and coordinated cyberattack targeted both vital data and sensitive information that the master of the well-hidden hackers had a great need for and/or a great desire to obtain.  Certainly, they were able to acquire a treasure trove of ‘keys’ that will permit them to gain access to classified information throughout the US government of very sort and kind.

The Cover-up

As always, it the complex cover-up of such an international crime wave that exposes both the true criminals and their motives.  The following link contains a panoply of headlines that clearly points to the real purposes behind this elaborate global psyop.

SolarWinds Hack by Deep State a HUGE Diversion from the Election Hack,
Blamed on Russia to Distract US Citizenry with WW3 Talk

Because of all those sensational and sometimes conflicting MSM news reports, it’s evident that the American people are being subjected to yet another major psychological operation in 2020.

If Biden is to be inaugurated, demonizing Russia is the obvious goal so as to rekindle the Cold War II that was quite intentionally started by the Obama Administration.  What better way to do this than to blame the Kremlin for such a falsely described “Russian Invasion”. See: Senators Liken Hack To “Russian Invasion” As Biden Vows Retaliation

Which means that the ongoing cover-up is tied directly to an intensifying effort to push the world community of nations back into a World War 3 posture.  How convenient for a potential Biden-Harris administration as full of hardcore Russia-haters and Russiaphobes as it already is.


Let’s face it, everyone knew that 2020 would go out with a bang.  This highly deceptive false flag attack is just the first of others that are planned between now and January 20, 2021.

The Democrats will need all the help they can get if they are to successfully divert the attention of We the People from their incredibly brazen and reckless crime spree undertaken to steal the 2020 POTUS election.

Hence, there is also the great likelihood that this false flag cyberattack was used by the perps to scrub digital data related to that epic vote fraud.

But then it may also have been launched by the white hats to somehow “stop the steal” dead in its tracks.  Or ,perhaps to retrieve incriminating evidence that categorically proves the Democrats and Deep State, working in collusion with the U.S. Intelligence Community, stole this election via a series of sophisticated cyber-crimes that defined an extremely convoluted conspiratorial plot.

Action Plan

The best way to counteract all of this media deception and institutional deceit is to overwhelm their endless schemes with a Supernova Event.  A Supernova Event is one that lights up the sky so brightly that it outshines everything else in the firmament, as it especially removes the darkness.  In this way, the desired effects of all the Globalist-orchestrated psyops, New World Order-driven agendas, Deep State intrigues and US Intel-directed black ops can be effectively neutralized.

Final Point: Just imagine if 5 or 10 or 15 million Patriots showed up in D.C. on January 6 and surrounded The Capitol Building chanting “STOP THE STEAL!” and “WE WON’T STAND FOR IT!
(Source: JANUARY 6th! The Single Biggest Day of the 2020 Election Cycle—Here’s why!)

State of the Nation
December 20, 2020