President McKinley’s assassination was faked. Could history repeat?

On the way out, we will look at the reason this was event was run one more time.

We saw above that it had to do with retiring a possibly ill McKinley and inserting Roosevelt without an election. But these events are always used for multiple purposes. Think of the 911 event, which joined many projects, including getting rid of unprofitable towers, insurance fraud, blackwashing Arabs, starting a war, and founding the Department of Homeland Security. The McKinley event did multiple-duty as well, and one of the top secondary duties was allowing Roosevelt to come in and crack down on Socialists and Anarchists. Since there were almost no real Socialists or Anarchists, he used the event to crush unions, progressives, and all government critics. He used it to quash any form of populism, republicanism, or libertarianism, while positioning himself as a populist.

Which reminds us that the Republican Party has been doing this from the beginning. Despite always being viciously anti-republican, the Republican Party coopted the name, completely flipping it. The word republican originally meant supporting the people against predation by the capitalists, but the Republican Party has always been owned by the top capitalists. Same for the Democratic Party, of course, which has never had any interest in democracy. Their interest since the beginning has been in undermining democracy by any mean possible, making the people think the country was democratic when it was just the opposite. That has never been clearer than now, so I suggest you slap yourself awake. Take off the mask and breathe deeply. There are things to do and maybe now you know what they are.

I will give you a hint: it isn’t shooting the fake President, whoever he is. It isn’t joining Antifa or the Proud Boys. It isn’t buying bitcoin. It isn’t yapping about Satanists or pedophiles or Freemasons or the Illuminati. It is about saying no to the future the merchants have planned for you. Don’t buy their shit or believe their lies. Don’t accept the vaccine or any of their other drugs, don’t accept social distancing, don’t accept masks, don’t accept the splitting of the sexes or the destruction of the family, don’t let them close your business, don’t let them close your church, don’t let them take your home or your savings, don’t let them turn your schools into propaganda fronts, don’t let them control your children through TV, Hollywood, and the internet. Don’t let them control you through your children. Throw the TV and the computers and the cellphones out the window if you have to. Whatever they tell you to do, refuse.