PATRIOTS: Watch out for this on January 6th!

Beware of Agents Provocateur

Democrats, Deep State and the NWO Globalists will do whatever it takes to disrupt this peaceful Patriot event in
Washington, DC around the Capitol.

State of the Nation

The Democrat Party knows that it has 2 HUGE hurdles to get over in January.

They are facing a massive election theft protest on January 6th, perhaps the largest in U.S. history.

Watch Out for the Explosion of Election Theft Truth
in the U.S. Congress on January 6th!

The Democrat election thieves are also confronted with what could be an even bigger Patriot protest on January 20th should they attempt to unlawfully install Joe Biden in the Oval Office on Inauguration Day.

The two most powerful weapons in their “communist arsenal” are false flag attacks and agents provocateur.

It’s almost certain that these hardcore bolsheviks will resort to one or both of these disruptive tactics to wreck the MAGA March and Election Protest on the 6th.

History has shown that their preferred way to crash any orderly Patriot protests is to send in agents provocateur to trigger a bad reaction from strategically planted fake Patriots who are trained to counter with shocking violence.

Therefore, Patriots, beware and be aware!  And, especially be extra vigilant before responding to any provocation whatsoever, no matter how slight.

These radical Left bolsheviks have been highly trained by the FBI COINTELPRO and/or CIA SPECIAL OPERATIONS to execute their disruptive missions with precision.

If they are victims of MK-ULTRA mind control programming, they will willingly give up their lives for the sake of completing the mission of violence.

With this critical understanding, every attendee on the January 6th is highly encouraged to watch everyone else’s back.  The only way to prevent the radical Left from sabotaging this pivotal event is for cooler heads to prevail in any and every instance of provocation.

Why are AntiFa and BLM, OFA and SUNRISE even sending their militants to Patriot events except to subvert them BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE.

And, particularly to make the Right look bad—REAL BAD! ! !

In this way, the treacherous Democrats, working in league with the seditious Deep State and forever-subversive Globalists, will try very hard to tarnish this momentous event.  As always, the highly deceitful Mainstream Media will collude with the disingenuous Big Social Media to trumpet any false accusations made against the Patriot Movement while censoring all true allegations lodged against the radical Left agitators and anarchists.

Isn’t this how the Democrat traitors, Deep State coup plotters and Globalist warmongers always do it?

You can be sure that the U.S. Intel Community will have their deep cover agents and stealth operatives positioned all over D.C. on the 6th, looking for any opportunity to throw a wrench in the Patriot juggernaut that’s about to roll over everything inside the Beltway.

Clarion Call Explodes for a 100 MILLION GUN MARCH on the Mall in Washington, DC … and everywhere else in America

State of the Nation
December 30 2020


2 Responses to “PATRIOTS: Watch out for this on January 6th!”

  1. Occams says:

    If being a ‘patriot’ means supporting a politician who is an enabler of terrorist Israel while Americans go without, count me as a traitor, I guess, or in Roosevelt’s own words, loving your country does not mean loving your government.

    I had a chat with an 82 year old client yesterday. Her comment?

    “This is the most corrupt government in American history, the whole thing. They’re not even hiding it anymore. Just giving it away to others to curry favor while our own people are falling”.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      I’m with you Occams and I cop a lot of flak whenever I post or verbalize comments such as this:
      Beats me why they think Trump is some sort of saint or God. If he was any such thing, this Covid scamdemic would never have started, yet here he is rolling out his so called ‘Operation Warp Speed’ to force-inoculate every man, woman and child in America with Bill Gates’s miracle genocide concoction Covid-19 ‘vaccine’, which no-one needs even it were properly tested and guaranteed safe.
      I’m sure Trump is no less aware that the covid19 scare is just that – a massive ruse used to exploit FEARin order to enslave and CONTROL us all and despite his convincing acting to make everyone believe he’s for freedom, he’s no less treacherous and part of the deep state’s plan than senile ol’ Joe. and his democrats are.
      They’re all liars and nobody should trust any of them or vote for them.

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