Our Obsession with Symptom Relief: ‘Death By Medicine’ with Dr. Gary Null

  Our Obsession with Symptom Relief:          ‘Death By Medicine’ – Dr. Gary Null


Traditional medicine has become “symptom relief” as opposed to reversing disease and aging and patients have increasingly become profit centers for mainstream doctors.

The pathology of medicine is “what do I do when I’m sick?” instead of “what can I do to stay healthy?”

In fact, one of the leading causes of death in the United States is iatrogenic medicine – which is illness caused by medical treatments, pharmaceutical drugs, and even vaccines.

Join Dr. Hotze and his guest Gary Null, PhD. as they discuss his book “Death by Medicine” and numerous other topics including the overuse of prescription drugs and the neurotoxicity of vaccines. Listen:

For more information about Dr. Null visit      www.prn.fm or www.garynull.com. His books are also available on Amazon.



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