On the decay of government – and how to correct it


by Steve Cook

It is very significant that we are witnessing a virtual collapse in the credibility of  government.

The decay of trust in it has reached new and dangerous lows.

Where trust evaporates, so ultimately does the power of the state, which having forsaken reason resorts deception and having lost trust because of its deceptions must then increasingly use threats and force to obtain compliance from an increasingly disaffected populace.

The threats and violence, of course, merely hasten its demise.

It can also be observed that this decay progressively excludes the citizen from participation or the sense that his participation is valued.

The games called “survival” or “society” or “civilisation” are team games. Team effort depends on the willingness of team members to contribute to the team effort. The more that willingness is rebuffed or denied or penalised, and the greater the number of team members are thus affected, the weaker the team becomes.

The cause of that loss of trsut is the perception that no matter what lies or told, what deceptions or outright crimes are engaged in, there are no consequences.

A lying politician who utters the most disastrous untruths that lead to war or economic ruin, such as Blair, Heath, Johnson or Hancock – can do so without fear of there being any repercussions, consequences or accountability for him or her.

The war criminal, Blair, who forwarded the WMD lies and got us into a war that need not have been fought wound up as a UN Peace Envoy for heaven’s sake!

Our currently subversive crew ensconced in Suppression Central have lied and lied and lied and thereby propagandised a fake pandemic that has brought ruin to the nation – and quite possibly unleashed a booby trapped vaccine that will harm thousands. They have done so secure in the knowledge that they will never be held to account for their crimes – and indeed will probably be rewarded by their pals in industry when their political careers are over.

So what has led to this sorry state of affairs, a long steady decline in the integrity and standing of government is this:

  • There has been no-one overseeing the conduct of our political classes to ensure that their conduct is honest, truthful and lawful
  • No one overseeing their conduct to ensure that it stays within the same laws that apply to the rest of us
  • No willingness to bring erring politicians, minsisters and officials to account
  • No laid down procedures for ensuring that that bringing to account occurs smoothly and routinely.
  • No body exists that is exterior to and aloof from politics and the daily burly burly of governance and  can smoothly and impartially monitor and correct on behalf of the People such errant conduct.

This has placed the potical establishment above both the law and what we would regard as sound ethical standards.

The lack of correction of bad conduct of course leads to more bad conduct and renders the political arena very attractive to people of criminal disposition by the combined nature of its opportunities for enrichment or aggrandisement and absence of the risk of penalty.

This must be corrected.

We cannot expect a by now thoroughly corrupt political establishment to do it.You might s well ask the Mafia to police itself.

We, the People, must do it.

We must unite and form our own watchdog operation capable of overseeing the conduct of our political classes, sounding the alarm where crimes occur and forcing the enactment and application of laws (or else!) by which their errant conduct can be curtailed and, where necessary, any miscreants brought to justice.

The purpose of justice is to remove harmful (criminal) conduct from the evironment so that honest, productive people can thrive.

By criminal conduct is meant actions that anyone by reason of common sense and common experience can recognise and agree as being undesirable: murder, manslaughter, theft, assault, poisoning, fraud, bribery, blackmail, causing bodily harm and so forth.

Such a watchdog – let’s call it, provisionally TheGuardians – would be aloof from party politics and concerned only with crimes and misdemeanours for which there is evidence.

It would formulate and force the establishment to adopt a code of conduct for governments that both guides conduct and forms a way for miscreant conduct to be clearly and swiftly recognised.

Its strength and power will derive from strenth of numbers – the sheer weight of numbers of the citizens who support and advocate it.

“The People” are a sleeping giant.

That giant is being murdered in its sleep.

It is time for it to wake up.

On the decay of government – and how to correct it