Nashville patsy motor home copy is wrong model.

Report from “News Channel 5 Nashville”is PERFECT lie

Read through that report. They have it all, the whole “official lie” sewn up all cute, but the very last line says there’s a “conspiracy” about the voting machines being there, and they claim there is no evidence of this. LET ME DEFINE “NO EVIDENCE:

“No evidence”: This happens when there’s a pile of it, but social media goons successfully manage to expunge every last shred of “evidence” from their platforms which B.S. news sources then “search”, find nothing, and then declare there’s “no evidence”.

“No evidence” means “official sources have expunged it all” but there are those pesky items that persist in screen captures and photos that just won’t die. You know – like THIS:

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a tweet, (my bad), it was sent in a tweet:


So there you have it. Evidence DOES EXIST, but if it has been expunged from the “official sources” it does not exist.

And obviously no “legitimate news source” is going to point out the discrepancies in that motor home!


There is lots of other stuff going around today like “Pence is going to be arrested” and “Biden is going to be arrested” and other things produced by bored minds wondering what to do with such a dead news cycle over the holidays, and I won’t entertain them, bottom line is that no one knows what’s coming and we can only pray. The only solid item we have was there was an explosion in Nashville done to shut down an audit, and they are milking both sides by stopping and audit and then framing up a preferred patsy for political gain and lying about it – that’s all there is.

I’ll check what is out there and maybe there will be something this evening. Everyone is holding their breath, including me.I got scolded because the “tweet” that confirmed the Dominion machines went to Nashville is a facebook post and not a tweet

My response: It looked like a tweet, was embedded in a tweet and the info is legit tweet or not. Yes, it has the facebook thumbs up. Missed that. Nothing changes. The left blew the place up to stop an audit and that’s the end of it.

There was another mail I’ll comment on, and it stated that the blast was supposed to be much larger and the white hats stopped it all. My take is that at this point everything is conjecture, except for the wrong motor home used and the fact that it was done to stop a dominion audit. The FBI on scene immediately proves they did it also, and with them there I doubt white hats handled this. My thoughts are all the FBI wanted was to trigger a “fire drill” so they could steal the machines. But who knows.

VERY STRANGE: Multiple motor homes used in photos?

Are the environments fake?

I knew the FBI blew up a competing agency to stop an audit of Dominion, and now we have solid proof their entire story is SO WRONG they had to have done it themselves. Not the same motor home, it’s more than just the pin stripes, it is a totally different model. The patsy they murdered for this job had a nicer model with a higher roof and better utility hook up that had MORE ROOM FOR PIN STRIPES. Someone “donated” a motor home and then received an upgrade in exchange.

UPDATE: What caused this discrepancy? The FBI presented the picture below as evidence, PLUS another that matched the one they used. Both motor homes are sitting in the same parking place. From one side, posted on Heavy, it’s a match. From the other side, it is not a match. Somebody screwed up, now we know there were two motor homes pictured in the same spot and don’t know which one belonged to the patsy. But we do know which one survived! no matter how you cut this however, THIS TWEET destroys the “official story” anyway.

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