2 Responses to “Mark Zuckerberg poured $400 million into this election, matching the federal government’s expenditure and through his charities, they paid the election judges.. they paid for the machines”

  1. Aldous says:

    “Just look at it…just look at that Scumberg,” my long suffering and worn out wife just remarked.
    It barely passes as human? That’s because it isn’t.
    This THING of THINGS is what they are trying to turn us all into. Transhumans.
    Zuckerberg is obviously far from normal as well as far from normal looking.
    ET the Extra Terrestrial RIP looks more Earthly than Spaceman Zucko who Isaac Asimov RIP would have been proud of. Zuckerberg is in there in Space Patrol and should be obvious.

    “COVID-1984 Patrol: The Complete Series” 4:57

  2. Aldous says:

    Those who got Mr Technician as the swamp creature and bottom feeder Zuckerberg can have the brownie points – but get a life in the next life.

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