Kill Your TV

10 Reasons to Kill Your TV

1. It is a mind control tool

Perhaps all of these points can fit under this first title. It gradually pollutes, hypnotizes and trains us to accept new normals using judaic memes. Through the use of predictive programming it sets ideas in our minds to subconsciously accept future events when they happen. Whatever they want to throw at us down the line, we have already subconsciously been conditioned to accept it years ahead, to nullify the impact. Desensitized masses accepting their fate. It could otherwise be named a Talmud-viZION. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Not only for Gentiles, but for the lower level Jews.

2. It keeps us passive and subservient

One of the dangers of this box of lies, is that it gives out the illusion that there are better people in society – better people than you. And these higher people have authority over you. And don’t you know it. The illusion is played out again and again and again; that people in black occult costumes, silly wigs, badges and clip boards are somehow able to control us and take away our freedoms. This message is perpetrated in documentaries, news broadcasts, comedies, dramas, etc. Repeat this illusion enough times, decade after decade and these fools will not only believe it, but loyally protect this illusion.

3. It keeps us inactive, docile and socially disengaged

Think how many wasted hours people spend by this goggle box. I know it could be argued that a lot of us who have rejected the TV now spend endless hours browsing online and have just switched boxes. But, the big difference is the TV keeps people passive, where the internet allows opportunity for people to be proactive and, of course, to access the Truth.

But it has destroyed social interactions. It’s an addiction, a mind drug. Stopping people forming communities where people can become empowered to resolve local problems themselves. Docility in controlling the masses is a must. Inactive, uncaring, indifferent sheeple to be led to their slaughter.

4. It keeps us away from the Truth

False reality, illusions and propaganda. Otherwise known as lies. The Muslims did 9/11. Global warming. Hitler was the epitome of evil. Bullshit from morning to night. As Dr Carley calls it, the tell-lie-vision. Otherwise known as weapon of mass deception. Lies, propaganda and deception. People fall for it year after year, decade after decade. If you knew someone who lied to you all the time, you’d soon cotton on and drift away from them. You just wouldn’t have them in your lives, but because all these lies are disguised under entertainment, they love their box of lies.

5. It projects a message that ‘everything is ok’

Very similar to 2. it plays out the matrix illusion. It’s fine to be selfish. Just sit back, watch the show whilst the world out there suffers. Buying a new sofa is more important in your life. Get your priorities right and book your summer holiday. Just laugh at your juvenile degrading comedies; chuckle your way into your enslavement and demise. Everything is just dandy. Pornography = perfectly healthy. Children abusive to elders and parents = normal. Greed = good for success. Getting pissed up at weekends = natural. All new normals, nothing to worry about, everything is fine.

6. It takes us away from any stillness

It’s a distractive vibrational noise in the corner of the room. It disturbs our energy through a distractive noise and elecro-magnetic pollution. It is spiritually degenerating at every level, consciously and energetically. It gives off a negative frequency which interferes with our natural rhythms. It is one of the most unnatural and destructive pieces of equipment we can have in our house, other than a smart meter. It is indeed a WMD in our homes.

7. It’s a conversation killer

The art of conversation has been destroyed since the advent of television. How many times have we tried to engage in a conversation with someone and they have been distracted by this one-eyed monster. All discussions, philosophical debates, stimulating reason and general family interactions have been destroyed by this demonic box.

8. It’s a creativity killer

It zaps so much potential creativity from us. Look how enriched previous generations were in as much as their abilities to play music, create plays, write, engage in artistic and craft recreations as well invent things. It’s a simple equation – the less TV one absorbs, the more one thinks and becomes creative.

9. It’s another financial cost

I must say this is probably the least important aspect of this list. Here in little Britain we are fed another illusion that people have to pay for their programming through a TV license. People are tricked into paying for their mind shackle. It’s truly unbelievable. For a year’s mind control these soulless characters are charging the sheeple £145.50. Of course the slaves have to pay for their weapon of mass deception equipment in the first place and probably pay insurance on that too. Then there’s the electricity and any repair costs. Plus people now buy packages to get better mind control.

10. It keeps the masses unconscious

This is the real killer. Ultimately this is the main purpose of this demonic one-eyed monster in your living room. And this is the main objective of this cult. To suck out any levels of consciousness from our souls. That is the whole purpose of this demonic JWO. It’s not money, wealth, or even control. It’s all about the darkness enveloping the Lightness. Any spirit of goodness, beauty, compassion and Truth must be destroyed. The demonic/satanic force must dominate and usurp this world. And that is exactly what television does to people’s souls. It keeps the masses unconscious.


I often say to people, take your TV out into the garden or back yard, get a pair of safety goggles and gloves, and smash the bloody thing up. Don’t even give it away. Then pick up all the pieces and take it up your local dump where it belongs.

Then start living, start critically thinking, start being active and creative.

We become what we absorb.


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