2 Responses to “Jimmy Dore, “Strong language”. Situation in the US.”

  1. Occams says:

    Poor girl. Getting what she deserves for believing in such a transparent hoax, one that ‘they’ have been trying to pull of for yeeeaaarrrrssss, with no success; West Nile, Zika, Bird Flu, Ebola, SARS, H1N1….

    Until now. NOW, suddenly, EVERYONE believed the lies!


    What was soooooo different about this blatant hoax that people WILLINGLY went along with illegal ‘orders’, laws that are NOT laws, put on a mask for nothing, shut their doors for nothing, hid inside for nothing, allowed loved ones to be taken away or kept away…..

    My dad used to say; ‘Stupidity is its own reward’, but this time, the few people like myself – who knew this was coming BEFORE it came, got dragged over the cliff.

    I feel terrible this is happening, but THIS ENDS WHEN PEOPLE TAKE OFF THE FOOKIN MASKS AND SAY ‘NO MORE’.

    But nope, keep being good little sheep and obeying!


    ” ‘Somebody’ should do something about this!”

    Uhhhh…honey. YOU ARE THE ‘SOMEBODY’. Do you expect ‘your’ politician to come save you!?

    Holeefuk. I REALLY wonder when Amerikans are going to wake up the the FACT that POLITICIANS DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!

    My god.

    And Jimmy D?

    “The complete failure of the political class”?

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo… Absolutely 100% SUCCESS. 100% SUCCESS of the Plandemic.

    This was alllllllllll by design, Jimmy.

    Ameikans finally got what they deserved for YEARS of apathy and ‘voting’, dividing our nation because they believed ‘my party is different!’


    • ian says:

      Indeed Occam, you are correct. The most radical or nearest to reality mainstream media, and “measured”, truth sites like UK Column, “mostly” stuck with the line that the government were cocking the whole thing up with blunders and miscalculations. All the while, they were doing as they were instructed by self declared elite. TV has enabled it. Everyone you speak to, denies being influenced by TV, yet were they not influenced you would like to think that they would see through it all, and see the set up, or hoax for what it is. I am partly deaf, yet didn’t realise how much I relied on watching people speak, in order to understand them. Not quite lip reading but along those lines. I struggle to hear people now who assure me that they are not influenced by TV yet insist on masking up and keeping the distance from me that my virus can’t jump.
      As for political class, that says it all. WTF is political class.
      As an add on, I usually ask people, how many people that they know who died from it. Apart from the occasional, my friend’s dad knows someone from work, who’s sister etc etc, no-one knows anyone. I get blank puzzled looks. It is getting better, but slowly.

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