I suggest everyone watch this and the full hour video linked. Be vigilant and pay attention. This technology is available today.


A VERY IMPORTANT one hour video

Remote brain control via the Covid vaccine is going to eventually be possible (within years) if it is not possible now. First a A two minute teaser taken from the main video and if that’s interesting to you, see the main video here. This is not fruitcakery, it was a military briefing done at West Point. The speaker actually talks about encoding DNA for remote control of people. It absolutely can happen. It is well worth a one hour watch. If you only have a half hour, start it at 32 minutes



This is the spookiest thing ever produced, FROM WEST POINT, the guy is legit, the Corona vax really can be used as a remote control mind control shot, with everyone tied to a central system.

If this was a hoax, it would not have ended up at West Point.



The severity of what is in that video has me walking around in circles. I don’t want any part of this to happen, and West Point says it already is. This is not future, it is NOW.

Detention camps: China is more honest and in the open about it.

In the U.S., it will be a white van at 3AM and you’ll be added to the “covid stats” without anyone knowing what happened.

Jim Stone