Here’s What Will Happen Next…

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

There is a commonly held misconception that progress is always a good thing and that change is invariably for the better. What happened in 2020 is proof, if proof be needed, that this is not always true. And these changes, we should note, are neither progressive nor temporary: they are regressive and unless we have the strength and the determination to oppose them they will be permanent.

We are all accustomed to the vicissitudes of life, the unexpected hazards which feel us leaving as if someone has dropped a two ton weight on our head or, as PG Wodehouse might have put it, socked us on the back of the neck with a stuffed eel-skin.

Bad things happen and just as light bulbs always go at the most inconvenient moment (we’ve just turned on the light so of course it’s inconvenient) so the dramas which punctuate our lives invariably arrive when we’re busy with something else.

But that was then and this is now.

The vicissitudes which destroyed 2020 were not accidental or God given. They were deliberately manufactured by people whose evil is greater than that of any others in history. We have been bullied, lied to, manipulated and threatened by people who are, in my opinion, the most crooked and contemptible human beings in history. The architects of the false plague of 2020 are truly the most wicked people, and those who have supported and protected the hoax are also guilty of the greatest of crimes. Their well-documented cold-blooded aim is to deliberately diminish the quality, value, meaning and sanctity of human life. Not content with taking control of every aspect of our lives, to take our freedom, our democracy and our right to free speech, they also want to steal our souls. This is the Great Reset, the new normal, the new world order of which Prince Charles and others speak with such enthusiasm.

The collaborators, the ordinary men and women who have obeyed the indefensible and the unsupportable, must also take their share of the blame. `I was just following orders,’ was no defence at Nuremburg and it will be no defence when the doctors, nurses, policemen, administrators and others stand trial for their part in the global genocide caused by lockdowns and so on.

The awful thing is that although 2020 was bad, 2021 will be far, far worse. They have a long way to go before they’re finished with us. And there will be a good deal more of what my friend, Dr Colin M Barron, calls `death porn propaganda’.

The first thing is that they will blame Christmas for a host of new laws, and they’re going to blame us, of course. They’re going to say we disobeyed the rules. We were bad, selfish, evil people. We talked and we met with friends and relatives.

They’ll tell us that the tests are showing more cases of covid. They’ll try to scare us with graphs showing that the deaths are soaring. Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson – the three stooges – will be using their version of mathematics to prove that death now waits around the corner. Whitty will produce graphs showing how many grannies have been killed by thoughtless small children. There will be powerful warnings about third, fourth and fifth waves.

Funny, isn’t it, that the miserable Whitty never tells us how many grannies were killed when the UK Government told doctors to withhold medical treatment from old folk. The Government doesn’t like us killing grannies – that’s their job.

And why so sexist, by the way? Don’t they care about granddads?

What they won’t admit, of course, is that the increased death rate will be due to the masks and the experimental vaccine rather than any disease.

There will be a rising epidemic of bacterial pneumonia caused by the masks. But they’ll blame those cases of pneumonia on the alleged covid-19 virus.

They’ll tell us we have to be punished – for our own good, of course.

This is a battle between good and evil. And it’s a battle to the death. I don’t want to live in the world they have planned for us and I doubt if any sentient, thoughtful individual would want to.

So what are they going to do?

Well, some things are pretty obvious. The entire mass media will continue to betray us. The BBC and other mainstream media outlets will continue to smear, to deny and to obfuscate. Good heavens, what a scandalous array of traitors and covid cultists. Some of the commercial station presenters will soon be crooked enough to work for the BBC. None of the so-called journalists at these stations would recognise the truth if it bit them on the leg.

The propaganda is endless. They are now using the term `face covering’ instead of masks because they’ve found people find it less scary. They talk about killing granny – never granddad – because people tend to see grannies as vulnerable and lovable. They even use capital letters when they write the word `covid’. You never see the word `influenza’ or `malaria’ spelt out in capitals, do you?

So, what will happen next year?

First, there will be tougher lockdowns and tougher tiers. The police will prevent us moving from one area to another. The punishments for breaking the lockdowns will be more severe. Take some groceries to granny and you’ll go to prison – or face a £20,000 fine.

Second, in countries such as the UK where it currently isn’t necessary, they’ll tell us we have to wear masks out of doors. And that will be easy for them to police. Special mask police will patrol the streets. There will be on the spot fines. And bigger court fines for repeat offenders.

Third, we will have to produce a certificate of testing before we are allowed into the supermarket or the Post Office. Certificates will have to be kept on a special app on your phone. If you don’t have a phone with an app you won’t be allowed into shops.

Fourth, the rules about travel will be tighter. Wearing a mask won’t be enough. Air travellers already need a certificate to show they’ve been tested and aren’t infected. But soon, if you want to go into a bus station or railway station you will need a certificate, signed by a doctor, proving that you’ve been tested and found free of whatever it is the test tests for. Certificates will be sent by a doctor to the app on your phone and you’ll probably be charged a big, fat fee every time.

Fifth, they’ll make us wear masks in our own homes if we have visitors. How will they check? Oh, there could be routine door to door checks. Or maybe they’ll make us leave our phones switched on with the appropriate app in place. And don’t forget many modern TV sets and other pieces of equipment are capable of filming and recording us in our own homes.

Sixth, the clampdown on demonstrations will be hotted up. People organising demonstrations will go to prison. People attending them will be heavily fined. They want to push us into civil unrest so that they can bring in martial law. The police will be made redundant, with just a few kept and sent back to parking duties. The military will be in charge – complete with rubber bullets, real bullets and all the rest of the lethal toys. The police have treated the public so badly that most people won’t care. The police have played right into the hands of the globalists, those people who want a global reset.

Seventh, you won’t be able to go into a shop – any shop – without giving your ID.

Eighth, the suppression of the truth will be even more intense. At the moment they claim that anti-vaxxers are dangerous because they suppress government and WHO advice on vaccines. How are we doing that, I wonder. I have no control whatsoever over the BBC, the mainstream media or government advisors. It is governments which suppress and control. They call us anti-vaxxers and pseudoscientists and conspiracy theorists because we discuss the science and because we want to expose the truth. It’s the pro-vaxxers who lie and deceive and cheat. And so they gaslight. They accuse us of doing the terrible things of which they are guilty. The pro-vaxxers are ignorant and malignant and obsessed. They are blind to the truth and very, very dangerous. Ten years ago I wrote a book entitled `Anyone who tells us vaccines are safe and effective is lying’. (Thank you to David Scott, Northern Exposure Correspondent of the UK Column for mentioning the book.) As a result I got lied about, demonised and abused. But they won’t debate with me. I have frequently challenged government employed doctors to debate vaccination with me. But they refuse. No mainstream radio or TV presenter dares to debate with me. Not because they will lose the argument, which they know they will, but because they fear they will lose their jobs for daring to shine a little light on the truth. They’re all cowards. It’s odd they accuse me of being a pseudoscientist but they won’t defend what they claim to be the science.

Ninth, they will clamp down still further on the internet. Already, they have persuaded the big players on the internet to remove any truthful material about vaccines or covid-19. Soon they will start removing everything that isn’t pure pro-propaganda. And the entire internet will begin to look and sound like the BBC. If that doesn’t work they’ll just start killing off the dissenting voices.

Tenth, they will continue to cull the elderly, the sick and the disabled. The deaths will be blamed on an imaginary plague and, in the UK, Doris and Madge will persist in creating and promoting their imaginary world of terror. Fear will be enhanced and we will be held to blame for every death.

Eleventh, schools will shut for longer and longer periods. Teachers have proved themselves to be as lazy as they are stupid as they are cowardly and I’m expecting lots more school closures. Teachers will, as usual, be too lazy to bother teaching classes on the internet.

Twelfth, the NHS will continue to be unfit for purpose. Death rates will soar as people who have been denied tests, surgery and essential treatment will die of cancer or heart disease. There have been some hospital departments shut for virtually the whole of 2020. The rising death rate will, of course, be blamed on covid-19. The obese will be denied treatment and so will those who drink too much or who smoke.

If all this sounds horrendous then it will be.

And that’s just the beginning.

They’ve got worse, far worse, planned for us for the later part of 2021.

The world you thought you knew is going to change beyond comprehension. And unless you help fight the evil then we will lose. We will lose everything that we hold dear. Make no mistake about it we are up against the most evil people in the history of mankind. Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun and Adolf Hitler were jovial little playmates compared to the people who are determined to control our world, our bodies, our minds and our souls.

I’ll leave you with one thought about the vaccine.

It is pretty well agreed that the new experimental vaccine could cause a lot of deaths and serious illnesses. It was never tested on the elderly and yet it is now being given to the over 80s. I believe anything could happen.

Speaking on the Richie Allen Radio Show the other day (and my telephone was cut off again just as I was about to join the programme – not for the first time) I pointed out that there’s one easy way to find out just how dangerous the new vaccine really is.

You take all the details of 20,000 people who have been given the vaccine and you make a list of all the illnesses they develop. You also make a note of how many died.

At the same time you take all the details of 20,000 people, in the same age group, who haven’t been given the vaccine. And you make a list of what illnesses they developed. You also make a list of those who died.

And then after three, six, nine and twelve months you compare the two lists.

You would then know exactly how dangerous the vaccine really is.

It’s simple research. It would cost peanuts.

And I bet you they don’t do it.

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