Great propaganda tricks of today: acting as if . . .


by Kieron McFadden

We’ve all come across the guy who is flat broke yet acts as if he isnt. He splashes borrowed money about, drives a Jag bought on tick and if he acts brash enough he convinces everyone he is really well off. He just brazenly acts as if he’s rich until everyone believes him.

Or the bloke who is trying to sell you something and acts as if he is your friend and goes right on acting as if he is your friend right up to the point where he does a bunk with your life savings.

There is probably a natural law (maybe) that goes,

The more exposed the lie with which you wish to deceive people, the more brazenly you have to act as if it’s true.

Once you have been rumbled, pretty soon you can wind up bereft of ideas and with “acting as if” being all you have left.

The present government is in that “acting as if” phase.

Its PCR tests have been exposed as completely fraudulent and consequently its whole premise for lockdowns.

The COVID19 bug is by its stats, performance and so forth known to be no more dangerous than flu and not particularly infectious and so on.

It has has been rumbled on just about every front yet it goes right on brazening it out, acting as if the “deadly” bug is gonna “kill us all” unless we are “rescued” by an experimental vaccine that is possibly itself very dangerous but, hey, the deadly virus . . . the infections . . . the threat  . . . .

And thus it pins its hopes of not being strung up by a furious citizenry on the dwindling ranks of people who can be fooled by bluff and playacting.

Great propaganda tricks of today: acting as if . . .